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Farm Bill Roundtable held in Ohio

Recently, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, convened a roundtable to get input from Ohio farmers as he helps write the 2018 Farm Bill.

Brown was joined by farmers from agricultural organizations including the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association, the Ohio Soybean Association, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, the Ohio Farmers Union, and the Ohio Dairy Producers Association, to discuss ways to support Ohio farmers and create local jobs.

In 2014, Brown was part of the Senate Farm Bill Conference Committee that successfully negotiated a five-year farm bill. Brown helped secure several key provisions for Ohio farmers in the 2014 Farm Bill including, strengthening and reforming the farm safety net, supporting conservation programs that protect the local environment, maintaining support for the Rural Development program to spur economic development, and helping farmers sell directly to producers, which creates jobs and increases access to nutritious, locally-grown food.… Continue reading

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June planted corn in need of some attention

For Account Manager Andy Lang’s territory of north central and northwest Ohio, corn planting dates ranged from April to June. In fact, almost 30% of the corn crop was planted in June. For this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Lang talks about what he is talking with growers about as they talk a look at those later planted fields that are nearing the critical pollination stage. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins has more.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 20 | State Fair Livestock Legends, Dairy and the 2018 Farm Bill

For the 20th edition of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, Ty Higgins, Joel Penhorwood and Bart Johnson visit about the first case of southern rust detected in Ohio this summer.

As the Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions celebrates 50 years, some of the greatest stories about the sale aren’t told nearly as often as they should be. Matt Reese wrote one of those classic stories down and Ty Higgins narrates it.

And much needed changes are possibly coming for the dairy industry in the 2018 Farm Bill. Senator Sherrod Brown talks about some of the adjustments that need to be made to the Margin Protection Program (MPP) in order to make it a viable safety net program.

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Are you throwing good money at a bad crop?

This time of year, farmers around Ohio are making decisions about applying fungicides and insecticides during a critical part of the corn and soybean growing seasons. For this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Account Manager Chasitie Euler tells Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins that some growers in her area of northwest Ohio are making for creative decisions to make sure they are putting their money in the right places.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 19 | Keep Cool, Make Hay, and Feed the World

Matt Reese hosts the 19th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, courtesy of AgriGold. He and Joel Penhorwood talk the hot weather as of late and the county fair season currently underway among many other topics.

Dale Minyo has been out and about and recently caught up with State Veterinarian Tony Forshey alongside Bryan Humphreys, executive vice-president of the Ohio Pork Council. The two spoke on the recent influx of Swine Flu at county fairs and ways the public can stay safe from that. Dale was also joined by AgriGold’s Dan Maxson on the crop and an upcoming visit from corn yield champion Randy Dowdy.

We hear from Ty Higgins after he recently visited the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers’ Feed the World program. The initiative looks to give school teachers the resources and knowledge they need to teach agricultural-related lessons in the classroom.

The continuous wet weather has made hay production this year tough.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 18 | In the barn and out of trouble

Episode 18 of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast one of mixed emotions as we bring news of great gains at the Clinton County Fair through a unique program that allowed troubled youth to learn responsibility by raising and caring for a swine project. Ty Higgins is joined by Chad Mason to talk that unique program. The crew brings it back to the roundtable to also discuss the troubling news of swine flu at the same fair.

Many farmers have been looking at the growing puddles on their land wondering when the rains are going to take a break. Joel Penhorwood speaks with Ed Vallee of BAMWX.com on the history, outlook, and challenges posed by this year’s wet times.

Matt Reese continues the dicamba conversation as he speaks with Ohio State Extension’s Mark Loux on the herbicide that’s raising eyebrows across the country.

All that and much more in this week’s podcast.… Continue reading

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Excess rain’s impact on mid-season crops

Some parts of Ohio have been hit hard by large amounts of rainfall over the growing season, with some corn and soybean fields receiving inches of rain in the double-digits in July along. When might growers notice the effects that these recent rains have had on crops and what issues may pop up in the aftermath. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins finds out in this visit with Brodbeck Seeds Regional Agronomist Denny Wickham.… Continue reading

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Scouting tips to make fugicide decisions

With tight margins, some farmers may choose to forgo a fungicide application on this year’s crop. But that decision shouldn’t be made with scouting your fields first. In this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report, Account Manager Troy Putnam talks about what to look for this time of year to see if corn and soybean fields need some addition disease management. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins has more.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 17 | Dicamba drama and budget blues

The 17th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, courtesy of AgriGold, brings a wide range of issues to the microphone. Ty Higgins talks the ongoing saga of Dicamba distress across the country and the devastating results many farmers are beginning to see. He’s joined by the straight-shooting Ford Baldwin as well as Monsanto’s Ty Witten for two sides of the drama. Matt Reese hears from a variety of folks at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center where a world record hopes to be broken in terms of data on a corn plant. Joel Penhorwood is joined by Ohio State CFAES’ Adam Ward, director of government affairs, talking a drop in funding for OSU Extension by the recently signed state budget. The crew is also joined by friends from Panama and talks agriculture down south in this diverse podcast.

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 16 | Going viral

Episode 16 of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast brings a trip around Ohio as Ty Higgins talks some new-found fame after a fun video of his went viral. He also recaps his trip to Canton to recognize the work of Ohio farmers that helped those in need from the Kansas and Oklahoma wildfires. Matt Reese and Ty continue the conversation about the Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions, preparing for its 50th year during their talk with Fair General Manager Virgil Strickler. Joel Penhorwood talks old metal signs and the lessons that come with it on the most recent Feeding Farmers trip, where Dale Minyo hears from Jesse Michaud on their operation. All that and more in this podcast, courtesy of AgriGold.

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