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Dairy trade potential in India

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) and the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) applauded U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks regarding the need for expanded trade between India and the United States. The vice president also pointed to the importance of negotiating and working through barriers to market access, among other trade priorities.

“For far too long, a wide range of U.S. dairy products have been effectively locked out of the Indian market without sound scientific justification,” said Tom Suber, president of USDEC. “U.S. dairy products are sold in over 100 markets around the world and are well known for their high level of food safety. We look forward to renewed discussions with India on how to remove inappropriate barriers to market access for safe products.”

Jim Mulhern, chief operating officer of NMPF, agreed.

“As we focus on tearing down unwarranted trade barriers so that our industry can continue to grow, it is equally important to ensure that we also maintain a strong focus on food safety and product integrity,” he said.… Continue reading

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Second cutting hay is an option for cattle

The second hay cutting is lower yielding, but higher in nutritional value than the first. Knowing this can help cattle producers decide on a feeding program and supplement strategy for their herds for the next year.

Farmers started the second cutting late after a cool, wet spring delayed the first hay harvest. But favorable weather conditions with adequate moisture and sunny days during the second growing period mean forages should be high in the nutrients that cattle need if harvested at the correct stage of maturity. This high-quality hay can give producers an option, in addition to supplemental feeds, to offset poorer-quality hay from the first cutting.

“First cutting is going to be lower in energy, protein and digestibility than normal,” said Ron Lemenager, Purdue Extension beef specialist. “That means that when that’s fed to a given class of cattle, performance won’t be as good as you would typically expect out of first cutting.… Continue reading

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More 2013 Ohio State Fair Beef results


Junior Breeding Beef

Ohio State Fair

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Last, First Class and Class Description Place City County

101 ············· 59 records

01 ············· 3 records

Ayres, Tanner 01 – Heifer Calf(Mar. 1, 2013 & later) 1 Hillsboro Highland

Harsh, Will 01 – Heifer Calf(Mar. 1, 2013 & later) 2 Radnor Delaware

Baird, Cassandra 01 – Heifer Calf(Mar. 1, 2013 & later) 3 Washington Ch Fayette

02 ············· 3 records

Wogan, Emily 02 – Jr. heifer calf(Feb.1- 28-2013) 1 Hebron Licking

Winter, Caroline 02 – Jr. heifer calf(Feb.1- 28-2013) 2 Ashville Pickaway

Miller, Alana 02 – Jr. heifer calf(Feb.1- 28-2013) 3 Lynchburg Highland

03 ············· 3 records

Winter, Christina 03 – Jr. heifer calf( Jan. 1-31-2013) 1 Ashville Pickaway

Closser, Rylee 03 – Jr. heifer calf( Jan. 1-31-2013) 2 Hebron Licking

Baird, Cassandra 03 – Jr. heifer calf( Jan. 1-31-2013) 3 Washington Ch Fayette

04 ············· 1 record

Ayres, Tanner 04 – Jr.… Continue reading

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2013 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Market Exhibitors


Kady Davis, Carroll County, was the Beef Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Beef Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Dawson Osborn, Highland County; 10. Alex Linder, Huron County; 11. Allison Davis, Carroll County; 12. Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County; 13. Wally Minges, Butler County; 14. Kady Davis, Carroll County; 15. Curtis Harsh, Delaware County; 16. Samantha Norman, Fulton County; 17. Danielle Heintz, Auglaize County; 18. Jessica Harsh, Delaware County.



Hayden Johnson, Jefferson County, was the Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Zane Ortman, Perry County; 10. Hayden Johnson, Jefferson County; 11 Nevan Ruggles, Huron County; 12. Deloris Cororan, Ross County; 13. Cassady Neviska, Morrow County; 14. Aryn Copeland, Crawford County; 15. Molly Phillips, Huron County;16. Zachary Johnson, Clinton County; 17. Reagan Neviska, Morrow County; 18. Sarah Johnson, Clinton County.



Meghann Winters, Guernsey County, was the Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9.… Continue reading

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More hog results from the 2013 Ohio State Fair

Open Top Five

Ohio State Fair

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Name City Breed Wt.

Sheldon Wheeler Minford Dark Cross 268

Garrett Cass Delta Light Cross 273

Haley Clinker Defiance Light Cross 260

Mason Creager Wauseon hampshire 280

Joey Schier Delphos Dark Cross 263


Open Barrow Champions

Ohio State Fair

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Exhibitor Name City Breed Wt.


Hudson Barclay South Charlesto Berkshire 280

Ethan Spracklen South Solon Berkshire 236


Gus Mitchem South Solon Chester White 260

Mason Creager Wauseon Chester White 258


Sheldon Wheeler Minford Dark Cross 268

Joey Schier Delphos Dark Cross 263


Jenna Siegel Marion Duroc 280

Nathan Barney Monclova Duroc 280

Mason Creager Wauseon hampshire 280

Leighann Shanklin Marysville hampshire 273


Cameron Shellhouse Sycamore Hereford 257

Ryan Michael Farmersville Hereford 254


Courtney Husch Groveport Landrace 270

Cameron Vaughan Wilmington Landrace 280


Garrett Cass Delta Light Cross 273

Haley Clinker Defiance Light Cross 260


Paige Pence New Carlisle poland china 271

The Wood Family * Bloomville poland china 258


Derek Bowman Burbank Spotted 245

Ashton Frey Upper Sandusky Spotted 277


Victoria Devore West Salem Tamworth 255

Jason& Sara Geer Clint Hig New Vienna Tamworth 260


Eme Sprow Ney yorkshire 274

Nolan Barney Monclova yorkshire 276



Performance barrow Show results

Stiver Jake5010AOB- CHESTER42254952.23150
Geer Sara5020CHESTER WHITE26205951.88150
Stewart Johnathan5024AOB- CHESTER32231952.09150
Stiver Kyle5008AOB-TAMWORTH36211951.84150
Howard Tyler5022AOB- CHESTER28226952.08150
Bair Kelton5021AOB- CHESTER28252952.36150
Michael Tyler1489AOB-HAMP53256952.14150
Continue reading

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More 2013 Ohio State Fair Poultry results

2013 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Turkey Show

Final Drive

Overall Turkey PlaceFirst NameLast NameCounty
01  Grand ChampionKaciCarterHarrison
02  Reserve Grand ChampionHunterHobbsFayette


2013 Ohio State Fair

Breeding Poultry Show Class Winners


Large Fowl


Best American    Laci Graham    Allen County     Class     8          Reserve     Brandi Powell  Champaign Co                        Class     15                          


Best Asiatic        Brandi Powell Champaign  Co   Class     31         Reserve:    Brandi Powell Champaign  Co                        Class     32


Best English       Brandi Powell Champaign  Co   Class     33         Reserve:   Brandi Powell Champaign  Co                        Class     38



Mediterranean     Brandi Powell Champaign Co    Class     44         Reserve:    Brandi Powell              Champaign Co            Class     48


Best AOSB                    Brandi Powell   Champaign Co  Class     53         Reserve      Brandi Powell Champaign  Co           Class     54






Best  Single Comb

Clean Leg          Austin Laufl  Allen County        Class     67         Reserve      Jaycee Perry  Fayette County              Class     76


Best Rose Comb

Clean Leg          Austin Lauf      Allen County     Class     90         Reserve:    Megan Ohl    Wyandot County           Class     82



Feather Leg        Ashley Ohl  Wyandot County     Class     99         Reserve:   Adam Isler  Marion County                Class     104


Best Old English             Austin Smith  County    Class     121       Reserve:    Tom Mozena  Muskinum County                     Class     122


Best Modern

Game                Austin Lauf  Allen County         Class     120       Reserve:     Austin Lauf  Allen County                 Class     121


Best AOV-AOC  Caleb Pickard    Wayne  Co        Class     127       Reserve:    Caleb Pickard              Wayne Co                   Class     128






Bantam Duck:     Adam Isler         Marion Co        Class     134       Reserve:    Megan Ohl                Wyandot Co      Class     141



Light Duck:        Colleen Harris   Delaware Co      Class     146       Reserve:    Colleen Harris            Delaward Co     Class     146



Medium Duck:    Minnie Lucas    Guernsey Co.   Continue reading

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Wuebker Farms looks at pros and cons of sow housing options

If a production practice is working, why change it?

Even though the gestation stalls they have been using have proven to be a successful production practice, there are a number of reasons pork producers in Ohio there are changing to group sow housing from gestation stalls. The foremost reasons are that group sow housing is a recommendation of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board (OLCSB) and a growing preference of retailers and consumers.

With the OLCSB requiring gestation stalls to be phased out of current facilities by 2025 and all new swine facilities built with alternative housing designs, pork producers are taking stock of their options. While some may be digging in their heels and resisting the change, others are taking advantage of this transition period to implement alternative options and determine the right fit for their operation.

Alan and Jeff Wuebker of Darke County are looking at the situation as an opportunity.… Continue reading

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A surprise buyer at the Sale of Champions

The showcase of Ohio agriculture’s premier livestock exhibits, the Sale of Champions, enjoyed yet another wildly successful year. This year’s sale broke quite a few records, including the most funds raised in a single sale for the Youth Reserve Program, raking in over $265,000 (of the $344,700 total) to support ag youth all over Ohio.

The monies raised and excitement generated in the Celeste Center every year towrap up the Ohio State Fair wouldn’t be possible without the support of great buyers that believe that, by being the highest bidder, they are making a worth-while investment in the future of the state’s top industry.

The usual suspects, Meijer, Kroger, Gerber Poultry and Steve Rausch were there for the sale.… Continue reading

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2013 Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions Results








Dairy Grand Champions – Represented By Grand Champion Swiss Cheese
Jacob Baker, Columbia County
Lane Grewie, Shelby County
Keaton Topp, Shelby County
Tanner Topp, Wayne County, Supreme Showman
Kinley Topp, Shelby County
Trevor Grewie, Shelby County
Marshall Overholt, Holmes County
Megan Cornish, Huron County, Supreme Showman
Price: $19,700 — a new record!
Buyers: Kroger Deli & Bakery Department, American Dairy Association – Mideast, Brewster Dairy, Inc., LongAcre Farm, Biery Cheese, COBA Select Sires, Dairyman’s, Great Lakes cheese, Maryland-Virginia Milk Producers, Dairy Farmers of America, Burkhart Farm Center, Smith Dairy/Dairy Enterprises Inc., Scioto Milk Co-Op Milk Producers Association, Ayars Family Farm Ice Cream, Land of Living Farm Guernseys, Weekland Farms, Call-Del Farms


Grand Champion Turkey
Kaci Carter, Harrison County
Price: $13,000 – a new record!
Buyer: CBC Pipleline, D&J Sales and Service, Inc., Seleski Broiler Farm, Cadiz Animal Clinic, D&E Electric, Eberhart Service Center, Joe Myers, Harrison County Service, Willoughby & Company, CPA, Clay’s Drive In, Toland Trucking, Harrison County Commissioners, Energy Partners, LP


Grand Champion Meat Goat
Michaela Ambos, Shelby County
Price: $20,000 – a new record!… Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Beef Show Results

2013 Ohio State Fair Steer Show Results.






1 Grand Champion: Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County


Reserve Champion: Madison Clark, Miami County

3rd Overall: Adam Kinsman, Fulton County

4th Overall: Elizabeth Heintz, Auglaize County

5th Overall: Brandee Painter, Licking County

See more photos from the steer show in our steer show photo gallery.

Interview with the Grand Champion Market Beef exhibitor Brooke Egbert.

Interview with the Reserve Champion Market Beef exhibitor Madison Clark.

Beef Performance Carcass Quality: Kady Davis, Carroll County

Market Heifers: Macie Ott, Huron County

Angus Steers: Will Harsh, Delaware Count

Chianina Steers: Adam Kinsman, Fulton County

Hereford Steers: Maverick Pugh, Stark County

Maine-Anjou Steers: Curtis Harsh, Delaware County

Shorthorn Plus Steers: Brandee Painer, Licking County

All Other Breeds: Derek Miller, Williams County

Division 1 Crossbred: Justin Nofziger, Fulton County

Division 2 Crossbred: Wally Minges, Butler County

Division 3 Crossbred: Madison Clark, Miami County

Division 4 Crossbred: Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County

Division 5 Crossbred: Derek Miller, Williams County

More 2013 Beef results.Continue reading

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Jr. Fair Market Hog Show Results

Winners from the 2013 Ohio State Fair Jr. Fair Market Hog Show:





Grand Champion Overall: Sidni Harris, Logan

Reserve Champion: Adam McCoy, Jeffersonville


Third Overall: Domonique Johnson, Bellefontaine


Fourth Overall: Jordan Hamilton, Fairfield


Fifth Overall: Makayla Wheeler, Minford

See more photos from the hog show in our photo gallery.

Breed Champions

Grand Champion: Connor Rayburn, Orient
Reserve Champion: Benjamin Seale, Tipp City

Chester White
Grand Champion: Christopher Nott, Woodstock
Reserve Champion: Lauren Greene, Leesburg

Grand Champion: Domonique Johnson, Bellefontaine
Reserve Champion: Gus Mitchem, South Solon


Grand Champion: Jenna Siegel, Marion
Reserve Champion: Riley Wendt, Irwin

Grand Champion: Cameron Shellhouse, Sycamore
Reserve Champion: Victoria Devore, West Salem

Grand Champion: Cameron Vaughan, Wilmington
Reserve Champion: Wyatt Fogt, Anna

Poland China
Grand Champion: Jarret Winner, Piqua
Reserve Champion: Paige Pence, New Carlisle


Grand Champion: Taylor Weickert, Lindsey
Reserve Champion: Dylon Bayman, Piqua

Grand Champion: Victoria Devore, West Salem
Reserve Champion: Jason Geer, New Vienna

Grand Champion: Jordon Hamilton, Fairfield
Reserve Champion: Eme Sprow, Ney

Dark Cross
Grand Champion: Mikayla Wheeler, Minford
Reserve Champion: Aston Dominique, West Unity

Light Cross
Grand Champion: Sidni Harris, Logan
Reserve Champion: Adam McCoy, Jeffersonville

More 2013 hog results. Continue reading

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First Market Rabbit Barn Sale highlights exhibitors and success

Brad Wehrle, from Warren County, had both the Grand Champion and the Reserve Grand Champion junior rabbit market pens for the first ever Barn Sale auction at the Ohio State Fair. In fact, the six champion caliber rabbits in Wehrle’s top two pens were from the same litter.

The champion pen sold for $5,000 to Dennis Miller of Direct Feed Sales, Inc. and Hubbard/Showrite Feeds. Wehrle’s reserve champion pen sold for $3,000 to the Ohio State New Zealand Rabbit Breeders, ADR Energy, LLC, Turner Oil and Gas, Profit Energy Co., and Antero Energy Products. The event also recognized the top 15 junior rabbit exhibitors and checks were presented to each of them for their hard work.

Here are those results, starting with third place:

3. Kole Vollrath, Clark Co.

4. Baylor Green, Union Co.

5. Summer McKracken, Shelby Co.

6. Taylor Ramsey, Scioto CO.

7. Kaitlin Gilman, Shelby Co.

8. Samara Jones, Ross Co.… Continue reading

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U.S. beef will continue with EU market access

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced that the European Union (EU) will continue to provide U.S. beef producers with significant access, at zero duty, to the EU market for high-quality beef produced from non-hormone-treated cattle. The United States and the European Union are planning to extend for two years Phase 2 of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in 2009 in connection with the United States’ long-running dispute with the European Union over its ban on beef from cattle treated with certain growth-promoting hormones.

In the year since Phase 2 began, U.S. beef shipments under the quota were an estimated $200 million, up 300% from the value of exports in the year before the MOU entered into force. Under the extension, the EU would maintain until August 2, 2015 its duty-free tariff rate quota for high-quality beef, established pursuant to the MOU between the United States of America and the European Commission Regarding the Importation of Beef from Animals not Treated with Certain Growth Promoting Hormones, at the Phase 2 quantity of 45,000 metric tons per year.… Continue reading

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