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Phosphorus Recovery System addresses water quality challenges with manure

The vexing problem of phosphorus in the water continues to make big headlines and haunt animal agriculture. This political hot button, however, has led to some positive developments in research regarding on-farm practices and technology. One of the most recently announced innovations addressing this problem is the Phosphorus Recovery System (PRS) from Quasar Energy that removes nearly all of the phosphorus from manure.

The Brown family dairy farm near New Bremen, in the heart of one of Ohio’s key livestock regions, hosted an event in conjunction with the Quasar Energy Group demonstrating the new Phosphorus Recovery System (PRS) in July.

“It’s funny that we are doing this here because I’m probably the one that helped start this phosphorus problem in the first place,” Alvin Brown said. “I used to want every inch of every field covered with manure, and now, we are working to reverse that idea and the growing problem.”

Alvin started his farm with 10 dairy heifers in 1959, and his son, Lou, is now running the farm with about 275 milking cows along with 180 heifers at a near-by farm.… Continue reading

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Beef school focuses on maximizing profit

Beef cattle producers who want to reduce costs while maximizing their profit potential can learn how during a Beef School Oct. 6, 13 and 20, taught by experts from Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

The three-day program focuses on forage weed control, spring development, working livestock, carcass beef breeds and open cows, said Cliff Little, OSU Extension educator in agriculture and natural resources.

“We’re hoping to show producers low-stress, economical and practical practices they can implement on their cattle farms,” he said. “For example, participants can see the effects of pasture clipping versus chemical weed control methods that we’ve implemented on land at the research station to see which method would offer them the best use of their time and resources to implement.”

The Beef School is sponsored by OSU Extension, OARDC and Farm Credit Mid-America of Cambridge. The school will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m.… Continue reading

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Understanding the flood of water quality regulations in Ohio

When it rains, it pours. That pretty much describes this growing season, or lack thereof. Metaphorically, it also applies to the new regulations regarding manure and fertilizer application that became law on July 3, 2015 that now apply to Ohio farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin that includes 24 Ohio counties. Although these fertilizer and manure protections sunset after five years, it is more likely these regulations will be expanded to include all Ohio farms in the future.

In the Western Lake Erie Basin, a person may not surface apply manure under any of the following circumstances: on snow-covered or frozen soil; when the top two inches of soil are saturated from precipitation; or when the local weather forecast for the application area contains greater than a 50% chance of precipitation exceeding a half-inch in a 24-hour period. The exceptions to these stipulations are if the manure is injected into the ground, incorporated within 24 hours of surface application, applied onto a growing crop, or in the event of an emergency, with written special permission from the chief of the division of soil and water resources.… Continue reading

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Control of ammonia and dust emissions in poultry facilities for improved health

The recent outbreak of avian influenza, a highly contagious viral disease that has infected about 48 million birds in the United States, resulted in a significant loss to the poultry industry. The initial response by the poultry industry to prevent widespread avian influenza was to more stringently enforce the USDA biosecurity measures defined by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) (http://healthybirds.aphis.usda.gov). However, the continuous spread of the avian influenza made the industry wonder if the disease is airborne and transmitted through ventilation air of poultry facilities. We are looking at major air emissions — ammonia gas and dust particles — from poultry facilities and their potential effects on poultry health to explore the need of additional biosecurity measures to prevent transmission of infectious diseases among poultry in the future.


Ammonia emissions and its health effects

Ammonia is a colorless, irritant gas that is produced from the microbial decomposition of uric acid in poultry manure.… Continue reading

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Inoculants at silage harvest can help an already effective regimen

For dairy and other livestock producers wanting to optimize their silage, the addition of inoculant just prior to storage may help to improve their return by minimizing losses and getting the most out of their product.

Silage inoculants help the fermentation process, an essential part of any feed of its type. They contain anaerobic bacteria that result in a high fermentation rate, higher levels of lactic acid and lower amounts of acetic acid.

Normand St-Pierre, professor and dairy extension specialist at The Ohio State University, said there has been a substantial increase in inoculant use in the last few years. This is party due to economics.

“As a guide, if the silage goes above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you will have a problem. The intake of the cows will drop and you’ll have some upset stomachs,” St-Pierre said. “Good grief, I remember working in New York 20 years ago. At the time, you could buy corn silage standing in the field.… Continue reading

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Beef Industry Update Meetings

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) will be hosting Beef Industry Update Meetings September 9 and 10.  OCA Allied Industry Council member, Multimin USA, is the title sponsor of the meetings. Their sponsorship will provide a complimentary beef dinner to all of the attendees at the meetings.

Carroll County Cattlemen’s Association is set to host the meeting on September 9. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Carrollton High School Cafeteria, 252 3rd St. NE, Carrollton, Ohio 44615.

The September 10 meeting will be hosted by the Knox County Cattlemen’s Association. The meeting will be held at Dudgeon Family Farm, 8230 Grove Church Road, Gambier, Ohio 43022, at 6 p.m.

Both meetings are open to all beef producers and will feature Dr. Brad Degroot, veterinarian and researcher with Multimin USA, as the speaker. He will be discussing how to enhance your herd’s performance with Multimin USA’s trace mineral program.… Continue reading

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Reimbursement for disinfectants available to farms affected by PEDv

With funds made available through U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is offering reimbursement for disinfectant purchased by producers or veterinarians on behalf of producers. Owners of PEDv infected premises must not presently be receiving reimbursement from the USDA reimbursement program and can use the disinfectant to disinfect equipment, facilities, trucks, etc.

Owners of non-infected premises must use this disinfectant only for disinfecting trucks that could have hauled swine commingled with swine from infected premises prior to movement/use on those non-infected premises. Eligible products are 1-Stroke Environ, Accel, Clorox Bleach, Roccal-D Plus, Synergize, Tek-Trol, and Virkon S.

Reimbursement is available only to producers with herds affected by PEDv. All purchases must be made prior to Sept. 30, 2015 and the request for reimbursement must be received by the ODA Division of Animal Health C/O: Christie Jones, 8995 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Oh 43068 by Oct. 9, 2015.

Click here to access the reimbursement form and a list of approved disinfectants.Continue reading

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OH-PIGS wraps up the first year

The Ohio Summer Show Circuit, a new youth program of the Ohio Pork Council, worked to provide the best atmosphere for competitive swine shows during the first year in 2015. It is, by purpose, a competitive program that promotes the advancement of Ohio’s show pig industry through providing consistency and continuity to a show circuit, tools to increase exhibitor knowledge and education, and opportunities for personal development in youth swine exhibitors.

The program launched on May 16 in Washington Court House at the first show in a series of seven weekends. OH-PIGS sanctioned shows took place at multiple locations throughout the state, as part of the circuit that ran through the end of June. Here are some of the results from the show series.


Top 5 overall market hogs

Overall Champion High Points Market Hog – Eli Keplinger, York barrow

Reserve Overall High Points Market Hog – Lauralee Lenhart, xbred market gilt

3rd Overall High Points Market Hog – Corey Jodrey, xbred market gilt

4th Overall High Points Market Hog – Miranda Lauchard, xbred barrow

5th Overall High Points Market Hog – Lauralee Lenhart, xbred barrow


Top 5 overall breeding gilts

Overall Champion High Points Breeding Gilt – Lauralee Lenhart, xbred breeding gilt

Reserve Overall High Points Breeding Gilt – Maya McCoy, York gilt

3rd Overall High Points Breeding Gilt – Lea Kimley, York gilt

4th Overall High Points Breeding Gilt – Maya McCoy, Duroc gilt

5th Overall High Points Breeding Gilt – Zander Ivey, York gilt


Top 5 overall breeding exhibitors

Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Maya McCoy

Reserve Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Lauralee Lenhart

3rd Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Zander Ivey

4th Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Cale Hall

5th Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Gus Mitchem

5th Overall High Points Breeding Exhibitor – Chloe Studebaker


Top 5 overall market exhibitors

Overall High Points Market Exhibitor – Lauralee Lenhart

Reserve Overall High Points Market Exhibitor – Miranda Lauchard

3rd Overall High Points Market Exhibitor – Jack Wing

4th Overall High Points Market Exhibitor – Keyairra Helton

5th Overall High Points Market Exhibitor – Megan Perry



Top 5 overall outstanding OH-PIGS exhibitors

Overall Outstanding OH-PIGS Exhibitor (Andies Clippers) – Lauralee Lenhart

Reserve Overall Outstanding OH-PIGS Exhibitor (floor cattle fan) – Lea Kimley

3rd Overall Outstanding OH-PIGS Exhibitor (Aluminum EBY show board) – Maya McCoy

4th Overall Outstanding OH-PIGS Exhibitor (Weaver bucket of hog show supplies) – Kathryn Barney

5th Overall Outstanding OH-PIGS Exhibitor ($25.00 Weaver certificate) – Zander Ivey


Showmanship winners

Peewee: Samantha Durst

Novice: Maya McCoy

Junior: Zander Ivey

Intermediate; Lea Kimley

Senior: Kathryn Barney


 … Continue reading

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Stockpiling pasture for late season grazing

Now is the time for pasture-based livestock operations to begin stockpiling pasture grass if they want to extend the grazing season into late fall and/or winter. To stockpile forage, take a last cutting, clipping or grazing pass in a pasture paddock in early to mid-August and then let the pasture regrow and accumulate forage until the end of the growing season. Stockpiling research and on-farm trial results have shown this timing is the best compromise between quantity of forage stockpiled and quality of forage stockpiled. Beginning earlier can result in more tonnage but quality will be lower, while beginning later will result in higher quality forage, but lower total tonnage. Tall fescue is the best grass to stockpile, especially for late winter grazing, because it holds its forage quality value better than other forage grasses. Other pasture grasses can be stockpiled, but then they need to be managed so that they are grazed off by early winter.Continue reading

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Butter cow named

For the second year in a row, Ohio State Fair visitors concocted creative names for the 2015 iconic butter cow and calf, with Champ and Sugar selected as the winning names.

Picked from hundreds of entries, the American Dairy Association Mideast named Molly

Wickham from Columbus the name game competition winner, awarding her with a Go Pro HERO LCD camera.

Wickham’s entry, Champ and Sugar, was chosen because it captured the spirit of the display, giving a nod to the Ohio State Buckeye’s win in the Sugar Bowl and their victory in the first-ever College Football Playoff national championship.

During the competition, which ran from the start of the fair on Wednesday, July 29 through Sunday, Aug. 9, fairgoers had the opportunity to submit names for the iconic pair via Twitter by following @OHDairyFarmers and using the hashtag #ButterCowNameGame.

Other contestants milked the 2015 butter sculpture’s Ohio State Buckeye football theme,

spreading Ohio pride with names like, “Urban Mooer and Shelly Mooer,” “Cowdale Jones and Braxton Mooler,” “Woody and Urb,” and “Buckeye and Little Nut.” Other notable entries included “Stick and Pat,” “Curds and Whey,” and “Yo and Gurt.”

The naming contest dates back to the early 1980s, during which fairgoers would drop hand-written names into a large wooden milk carton.… Continue reading

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Manure Science Review Aug. 12

Aug. 12’s Manure Science Review will feature a demonstration of smoke testing — a way to show how fast a liquid, including liquid manure, can flow through and out of a farm field.

Frank Gibbs, retired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and now of Rawson, Ohio-based Wetland and Soil Consulting Services, will give the demonstration.

A video showing smoke rising from the soil during one of Gibbs’ tests can be seen athttp://go.osu.edu/GibbsSmokeTest.

Manure Science Review, set for Union City in western Ohio, is an annual learning event for farmers and others in the industry. The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University is a co-host.

Details about the event and how to register are at http://go.osu.edu/MSR2015. Registration is $30 and includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

Earthworm holes and cracks in the soil — called “macropores” — can play big roles in the flow of liquids from a farm field, said Sam Custer, a co-organizer of the event and an educator with Ohio State University Extension.… Continue reading

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2015 Ohio State Fair Jr. Dairy Show results

The 2015 Ohio State Fair Jr. Dairy Show saw heavy competition through the first weekend of the fair. Here are results by breed:


YRP Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Kinley Topp

Animal: Topp View Bendigo

Sire: Wanna Watch

YRP Reserve Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Garrett Hageman

Animal: Mill Valley Gunner

Sire: Penny

Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Grace Hageman

Animal: Mill Valley Supreme

Sire: Whisper

Reserve Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Emma Mathews

Animal: Edgebrook Tri-Star

Sire: Patience

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Grace Hageman

Animal: Mill Valley Supreme

Sire: Whisper

YRP Reserve Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Emma Mathews

Animal: Edgebrook Tri-Star

Sire: Patience

Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Trevor Greiwe

2nd – Keaton Topp

3rd – Eliza Days

4th – Morgan Eades

5th – Sara Wolf

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Marissa Topp

2nd – Kinley Topp

3rd – Lane Greiwe

4th – Grace Hageman

5th – Garrett Hageman

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Blake Greiwe

2nd – Meredith Hageman

3rd – Maggie Mathews

4th – Hailee Rehmert

5th – Adam Wolf

Milking Shorthorn

YRP Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Ashley Hawvermale

Animal: Blue Spruce

Sire: Kuszmar Megadeth

YRP Reserve Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Aubrey Topp

Animal: Topp-View Liriano Exo

Sire: Liriano

YRP Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Jacob Baker

Animal: Redien Acres JR

Sire: Bar-D-Kuszmar Clay

YRP Reserve Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Henry Specht

Animal: SMS Thelm-Poppies AML

Sire: Hard Core Poncho Rampag

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Kinley Topp

Animal: Toppview Moonshine Alexa

Sire: Hardcore Othello Moonshine

YRP Reserve Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Jacob Baker

Animal: Redien Acres JR

Sire: Bar-D-Kuszmar Clay

Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Sarah Rhoades

2nd – Hannah Rhoades

3rd – Ginna Climer

4th – Cheyenne Carlee

5th – Alex Weiss

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Ashley Hawvermale

2nd – Kinley Topp

3rd – Jacob Baker

4th – Sam Rhoades

5th – Emmy Days

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Aubree Topp

2nd – Madilyn Baker

3rd – Carrie Rhoades

4th – Katie Weiss

5th – Lilyin Specht


Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Brennan Topp

2nd – Brandon Sugg

3rd – Allison McCummins

4th – Keaton Topp

5th – Sydney Good

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Victoria Deam

2nd – Kinley Topp

3rd – Keanan Wolf

4th – David Miley

5th – Logan Schlauch

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Olivia Finke

2nd – Emily Deam

3rd – Madalyn Topp

4th – Garrett Havens

5th – Elarina Lahmers

YRP Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Ashley Hawvermale

Animal: K-Land Kilo Black

Sire: Diamond

YRP Reserve Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Adam Miley

Animal: Miley Advent Gitt

Sire: Red-ET

Intermediate Holstein Champion

Exhibitor: Hayden King

Animal: TK-Plain-View Ripley

Sire: Lirr Drew Dempsey

Reserve Intermediate Holsten Champion

Exhibitor: Adam Miley

Animal: Miley Gold Chip Gazella-T

Sire: Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET

Senior Holstein Champion

Exhibitor: Kyle Ackley

Animal: Craggan Goldwyin Zing

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn

Reserve Senior Holsten Champion

Exhibitor: Garrett Havens

Animal: Brookview-E PT Diligent

Sire: Windy-Knoll-View Primetim

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Kyle Ackley

Animal: Craggan Goldwyin Zing

YRP Reserve Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Garrett Havens

Animal: Brookview-E PT Diligent

Brown Swiss

Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Keaton Topp

2nd – Alexa Lammers

3rd – Sarah Rhoades

4th – Hannah Rhoades

5th – Ben Lammers

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Kinley Topp

2nd – Tori Lammers

3rd – Webb Kress

4th – Sam Rhoades

5th – Sage Miller

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Madelyn Topp

2nd – Elizabeth Howman

3rd – Lauren Lamoreaux

4th – Carrie Rhoades

5th – Elaina Lammers

YRP Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Kinley Topp

Animal: Topp-View Wonder

Sire: Rock Me

YRP Reserve Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Ben Lammers

Animal: La Rainbow Sweet Lemon

Sire: Cutting Edge Seaman

YRP Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Madelyn Topp

Animal: Topp-View Bigstick

Sire: Jonquil

YRP Senior Reserve Champion

Exhibitor: Keaton Topp

Animal: Alfa Creek Parker Victory

Sire: Brothers three Parker et

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Madelyn Topp

Animal: Topp-View Bigstick

Sire: Jonquil

YRP Reserve Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Keaton Topp

Animal: Alfa Creek Parker

Sire: Victory


Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Zachary Davidson

2nd – Thomas DiGiovanni

3rd – Deanna Langenkamp

4th – Emily Langenkamp

5th – Derek Parker

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Keenan Wolf

2nd – Samantha Plocher

3rd – Kristen Plocher

4th – Derek Burns

5th – Korey Oechsle

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Mary Richardson

2nd – Logan Dehan

3rd – Natasha Davidson

4th – Cami Ross

5th – Abigayle Dicke

YRP Junior Guernsey Champion

Exhibitor: Samantha Plocher

Animal: Mar Ral Reb Maria

YRP Reserve Junior Guernsey Champion

Exhibitor: Keenan Wolf

Animal: HPGG Pei Melissa

YRP Senior Guernsey Champion

Exhibitor: Keenan Wolf

Animal: Knapps HP Fame

Sire: Topeka-ET

YRP Reserve Senior Guernsey Champion

Exhibitor: Kristen Plocher

Animal: Formost Jackpot

Sire: Dharma

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Keenan Wolf

Animal: Knapps HP Fame

Sire: Topeka-ET

YRP Reserve Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Kristen Plocher

Animal: Formost Jackpot

Sire: Dharma


Senior Showmanship (15 & over)

1st – Trevor Greiwe

2nd – Jack Gravenkemper

3rd – Jordan Ziegler

4th – Amanda Seger

5th – Lee Hosler

Intermediate Showmanship (12-14)

1st – Lane Greiwe

2nd – Joelle Ziesler

3rd – Grace Hageman

4th – Rachel Anderson

5th – McKenze Hoewisher

Junior Showmanship (11 & under)

1st – Madelyn Topp

2nd – Blake Greiwe

3rd – Kelly Hawvermale

4th – Jade Laux

5th – Austin Yoder

YRP Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Lane Greiwe

Animal: DKG Jade Princess

Sire: Jade

YRP Reserve Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Matt Richards

Animal: Harmony Corners Fozzy

YRP Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Kelly Hawvermale

Animal: Harmony Corners Flamingo

Sire: Hwarden Impuls Premier

YRP Reserve Junior Champion

Exhibitor: Lane Greiwe

Animal: DKG Motion Clover

Sire: Motion

YRP Grand Champion

Exhibitor: Lane Greiwe

Animal: DKG Jade Princess

Sire: Jade… Continue reading

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Beef herd expanding

The nation’s beef cow herd has started down the path of the largest expansion in 25 years. The last major expansion was from 1990 to 1995 when the herd grew by 10%. The industry had started on a modest expansion in 2005 and 2006, but producers aborted that expansion cycle due to the Southern Plains drought and the start of the high feed-price era late in 2006. Now, with pastures and grassland restored for most of the country and the feeling that feed prices will remain moderate, this expansion is off to a fast start.

Beef cow operations began the process of expanding the herd in the last-half of 2014. As of July 1, 2015 the number of beef cows in the country was up 2.5% according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s producer survey. But a more rapid expansion is likely in the coming year according to beef replacement heifer numbers.… Continue reading

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2015 Sale of Champions results

The Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions livestock auction, held Sunday afternoon in the WCOL Celeste Center, showcased Ohio’s premium livestock, premier Junior Fair exhibitors and generous supporters. On the sale bill were grand champion and reserve champion market lambs, market barrows and market beef, as well as grand champion market goat, a Thanksgiving Dinner to represent the champion poultry and a block of Swiss cheese to represent the six dairy champions.… Continue reading

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Junior Market Beef Show results



Champion: Addison Jones, Allen Co.

Res. Champion: Lori MIllenbaugh, Crawford Co.



Champion: Samantha Norman, Fulton Co.

Res. Champion: Angie Distl, Clark Co.



Champion: Montana Hulsmyer, Auglaize Co.

Res. Champion: Tyler Clark, Miami Co.



Champion: Landon Richards, Wood Co.

Res. Champion: Samantha Norman, Fulton Co.


Shorthorn Plus

Champion: Kendra Gabriel, Pickaway Co.

Res. Champion: Dawson Osborn, Highland Co.



Champion: Curtis Harsh, Delaware Co.

Res. Champion: Cole Hiser, Greene Co.


Market Heifer

Champion: Lori Millenbaugh, Crawford Co.

Res. Champion: Hallie Roberts, Clark Co.



Division I

Champion: Delaney Jones, Allen Co.

Res. Champion: Kelsey Conrad, Tuscarawas Co.

Division II

Champion: Tyler Clark, Miami Co.

Res. Champion: Brooke Hayhurst, Wayne Co.

Division III

Champion: Tyler Clark, Miami Co.

Res. Champion: Carter Smith, Holmes Co.

Division IV

Champion: Oliver McGuire, Champaign Co.

Res. Champion: Colby Watson, Champaign Co.

Division V

Champion: Elizabeth Heintz, Augliaze Co.… Continue reading

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Junior Market Barrow Show results

The 2015 Ohio State Fair Market Barrow Show began with purebred divisions Friday afternoon and continued with crossbreds Saturday morning. Here are the results:

Dark Crossbred

Grand Champion – Troy Elwer

Reserve Champion – Diana Weimer

Light Crossbred

Grand Champion – Connor Rayburn

Reserve Champion – Lea Kimley


Grand Champion – Paige Pence, New Carlisle – 270 lbs

Reserve Champion – Jordan Cress, Laura – 280 lbs

Chester White

Grand Champion – Sarah Hunker, Bellevue – 275 lbs

Reserve Champion – Avery Wood, Sabina – 261 lbs


Grand Champion – Kole Vollrath, South Charleston – 263 lbs

Reserve Champion – Brooklyne Baldwin, Jeffersonville – 280 lbs


Grand Champion – Kaitlin Butterfield, Oxford – 253 lbs

Reserve Champion – Mykenzie Snyder, Homerville – 271 bs


Grand Champion – Tyla Voight, Tipp City – 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Cameron Shellhouse, Sycamore – 279 lbs


Grand Champion – Adam McCoy, Jeffersonville – 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Zachary Zeedyk, Hicksville – 265 lbs

Poland China

Grand Champion – Aaron Rolfe, Sabina – 274 lbs

Reserve Champion – Zander Ivey, Bloomingburg – 255 lbs


Grand Champion – Saylor Moore, Washington Courthouse – 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Katie Siegel, Marion – 280 lbs


Grand Champion – Victoria Devore, West Salem – 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Ashton Frey, Upper Sandusky – 250 lbs


Grand Champion – Ashton Dominique, West Unity – 280 lbs

Reserve Champion – Frank Riethman, Fort Loramie – 280 lbs… Continue reading

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Recent numbers reflecting tough climate for U.S. meat exports

June export data, released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), reflected a challenging first half of 2015 for U.S. pork, beef and lamb exports.

June pork exports totaled 174,554 metric tons (mt), down 4% from a year ago. With pork prices down significantly from last year’s high levels, June export value fell 22% year-over-year to $454 million. For the first half of 2015, pork exports were down 5% in volume (1.09 million mt) and 16% in value ($2.88 billion).

Beef export volume in June was down 8% from a year ago to 96,716 mt, while export value fell 9% to $578.9 million. This was the second consecutive month that export value fell below last year’s level, resulting in first-half value being steady with 2014’s pace at $3.26 billion. First-half volume was down 10% to 527,109 mt.

“We were aware that exports would be facing obstacles in 2015, and that keeping pace with last year’s record performance would be difficult,” said Philip Seng, USMEF president and CEO.… Continue reading

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Poultry exhibitors flock to the skillathon

The poultry exhibition ban in Ohio this year due to concerns about the possible spread of avian influenza left many exhibitors disappointed, though there still were opportunities to participate in the project at the Ohio State Fair.

Part of that learning process included the Ohio State Fair poultry skillathon that had 109 participants this year, a new record. In addition, there were a number of signs and displays around the grounds to Poultry Signseducate fairgoers about Ohio’s valuable poultry industry.

“It was a difficult decision to make to not allow any poultry at any of the fairs, exhibitions or sales in Ohio. We are as disappointed as anyone. We love the poultry at fairs and it is a great showcase for the public,” said Jim Chakeres with the Ohio Poultry Association. “It is also a very teachable moment for 4-H and FFA members.”

There will not be an outstanding market exhibitor competition for poultry exhibitors this year but there will be a poultry package auctioned off in the Sale of Champions to provide funds for the Youth Reserve Program. … Continue reading

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Sweet corn could improve animal vaccines

Animal vaccine manufacturers could benefit from the work of two Purdue University researchers who are testing biomaterial made from sweet corn to make vaccines safer.

Harm HogenEsch, a professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Yuan Yao, an associate professor in the College of Agriculture, are developing biomaterial from a non-genetically modified variety of sweet corn to use as an adjuvant in animal vaccines. Adjuvants are substances that are added to vaccines to stimulate an immune response and to improve the performance of vaccines.

HogenEsch said commonly used adjuvants like oil emulsions and aluminum have a number of drawbacks.

“The conventionally used oil emulsions and aluminum are poorly biodegradable and can induce a long-lasting inflammatory response at the injection site. Especially for food animals, that’s an issue,” he said. “The corn-derived biomaterial being developed and tested at Purdue may address these issues in a sustainable way.”

Yao said the adjuvant biomaterial research is being conducted on a naturally occurring variety of corn.… Continue reading

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Assess crop health before reseeding forages

Forage producers should carefully scout their flood-damaged pastures and hay fields for signs of crop health to determine if reseeding is necessary, a Purdue Extension forage specialist says.

“It’s important to take note of hoof damage to pastures,” Keith Johnson said. “Come back to the damaged areas often to assess if recovery is occurring. If there is permanent damage, plan on reseeding or renovating the field.”

Johnson said producers should dig up several forage plants in pastures and hay fields to determine plant health. He also recommended washing away the soil on the roots and splitting open the crowns and taproots of legumes to see if the tissue is healthy or damaged.

“Check with your crop insurance provider and Farm Service Agency representative to see if it is permissible to seed annual forages in drowned-out pockets within a corn or soybean field, or entire fields that have plants present but not much aboveground growth that can produce grain,” he said.… Continue reading

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