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State Convention

Highlights from the First Session 83rd Ohio FFA Convention

At the first session:
* State FFA Advisor Ike Kershaw talked about the significant expansion in FFA educational opportunities for students.
* A check was presented to the Children’s Miracle Network at Nationwide Children’s Hospital from the Ohio FFA for $31,155.
* CROP/Church World Service received a check for $10, 251 from the Ohio FFA.
* The audience heard about the virtues of chocolate milk as a delicious sports drink.
* Keynote speaker Chad Hymas talked about an accident that led to his paralysis that crippled his body but not his potential. He shared his emotional and powerful story with the FFA students.
* Proficiency winners were announced.… Continue reading

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2011 Profiency Results


Wildlife Management

1. Jake Watercutter, Anna
2. Katlin James, Fayetteville

Veterinary Medicine

1. Samantha Vermule, Delphos
2. Erin Holycross, Ridgemont

Vegetable Production

1. Mallory McDevitt, Wapakoneta
2. Adam Pulley, Ridgewood

Turf Grass Management

1. Clayton Miller, Elida
2. Matt Thompson, Ridgewood

Swine Production Placement

1. Tonya Fender, Lynchburg-Clay
2. Tyler Armstrong, Wapakoneta

Swine Production Entrepreneurship

1. Brady Campbell, Waterford
2. Douglas Seger, Ft. Loramie

Specialty Crop Production

1.Vicki Nofziger, Pettisville
2.Dara Howser, Western Brown

Specialty Animal Production

1. Levi Criswell, Elgin
2. Trevor Corboy, Eastern Brown

Small Animal Production & Care

1. Kayla King, Pettisville
2.Lara Staples, Western Brown

Sheep Production

1. Kody Wolf, Carey
2. Brady Campbell, Waterford

Poultry Production

1.Libby Bender, River Valley
2.Nathan Fortkamp, Ft. Recovery

Outdoor Recreation

1. Emily Lanning, Logan
2.Corey Decker, Indian Valley

Organic Ag-Ohio Only

1. Brian Keller, Ft. Recovery

Nursery Operations

1. Lindsey Koppin, Anna
2. Amanda Koch, Botkins

Landscape Management

1.… Continue reading

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Road to Convention: Stacie Seger

The week of State Convention is finally here! I have been anxiously awaiting State Convention since March 19th when I placed as a top speech finalist in the Senior Prepared speaking contest.  The placings   will be announced on stage with the 1st place winner presenting his or her speech in front of the entire convention. I have been striving  to present my speech on the big stage since freshman year when I watched another FFA member receive the honor. I have been presenting my speech a couple times a week to be ready if they call my name for 1st place. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

My FFA chapter is also putting the last minute touches on our agenda for the trip. We will be taking a tour of the Crew Stadium where we will learn about the turf industry and what it takes to prepare the field for a soccer game.… Continue reading

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The Road to Convention: Eileen Gress

Out of the 365 days of the year, these are the two that we look forward to the most.

State FFA Convention.

Each year, there are things there that we look forward to. For me, that would be stealing who-knows-how-many peanuts and oranges from the Florida booth in the Career Show. And the cheese from the fundraiser stand (can you tell I love food?) and a strawberry-banana smoothie.

And more awesome than the food are the people! We all know and love those chapter members who aren’t afraid to be loud and proud during sessions. Whether you’re sitting in the nosebleed section of the Celeste center or right in front of the stage, the pre-session music and the tunnels are sure to get everyone worked up.

This year is going to be, without a doubt, my busiest convention yet. I’m opening the first session with the National Anthem, participating in State FFA Choir, competing in the Talent Show, and singing another song before the third session.… Continue reading

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The Road to Convention: Devon Alexandar

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

The past three years I have watched FFA members across Ohio come together as a team to serve the Ohio FFA Association as state officers. These individuals do not get glory or recognition because of their prestigious position, but because of the difference they have made in the lives of others and the organization.

FFA has held a special place in my life. I will never forget the trips to national convention, standing in unpleasant weather while attempting to judge a soil pit, or anxiously waiting before participating in a public speaking contest. The FFA has helped me reach my infinite potential, and for that I am very grateful.

I am exited for this year’s state convention because my dream of becoming a state officer might become a reality, opening yet another chapter in my FFA career. I was honored to be placed on the District 5 President’s ballot.… Continue reading

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