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State Convention

2012 Job Interview CDE Results

The 2012 Job Interview Career Development Event was held on March 3, 2012 at The Ohio State University. The winner in each division will compete in the finals at State Convention.


1. Autumn Miller, Liberty Union

2. Taylor Brown, Hardin Northern

3. Adam Schuller, Northwestern Wayne


1. Brandon Bailey, Otsego

2. Randi Shaw, Sheridan

3. Mandy Taylor, West Holmes


1. John Eberly, Northwestern Wayne

2. Rachel Hedrick, Versailles

3. Katie Driggers, Carey


1. Reed Poling, Hardin Northern

2. John Hannewald, Otsego

3. Alisha Thompson, Harrison Central

First Time Members (Juniors and Seniors)

1. Kendra Lee, Alexander

2. Zack Rader, Van Buren

3. Marianna Canteva, Smithville… Continue reading

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2012 Agricultural Sales CDE Results

The 2012 Agricultural Sales CDE, sponsored by Buchy Foods, was held on March 3, 2012 at The Ohio State University.

The top 5 teams were:

1. Hillsdale High School

Sarah Bookman

Luke Ebert

Megan Miller

Dexter Rogers

2. Norwayne High School

Allison Mangun

Nicole Steiner

Jordan Bonham

Lydia Hartzler

3. Oak Harbor High School

Ashley Buhrow

Micah Mensing

Logan Bahnsen

Austin Schimming

4. Bloom Carroll High School

Alyssa Gieseck

Alex Bennet

Rebekah Salyers

Baylee Royise

5. Marysville High School

Ryan Schwyn

Darrison Cook

Mikayla Mosey

David Keck… Continue reading

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2012 State Public Speaking CDE Results

Congratulations to the participants in the 2012 Preliminary and Final Public Speaking Career Development Events. First and second place are in alphabetical order- winners will be announced at State Convention.

Creed Speaking

Jacob Rose, Miami Trace

Rachel Welch, Cory Rawson

3. Caroline Battin, Otsego

4. Megan Whalin, Waterford

Beginning Prepared Speaking

Grace Dannemiller, Liberty Union

Courtney Rose, Versailles

3. Connor Frame, Buckeye Trail

4. Robby Thiel, Ridgedale

Extemporaneous Speaking

Craig Berning, Anna High School

Quinn Moore, Fayetteville

3. Maddison Buscher, Versailles

4. Abby Motter, Crestview Ashland

Prepared Speaking

Sierra Jepsen, Amanda Clearcreek

Jordan Stacey, Greenon

3. Devon Alexander, Anna

4. Carly Snider, Felicity Franklin… Continue reading

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Five new proficiency areas to be awarded at state convention

At the Ohio FFA Convention coming up in May five new proficiency categories will be awarded for the first time. They include:

Agricultural Education – Entrepreneurship/Placement – Relates to education and extension, including, but not limited to youth mentoring, agricultural education departmental assistants, PALS mentors and student coordinators, developing and conducting informational materials and presentations for civic organizations and school-aged youth, and students who are involved in SAEs surrounding educating the public about the broad topics of agriculture, agriculture education and the FFA.

Goat ProductionEntrepreneurship/Placement — Student owns the enterprise, or works for a business that involves the use of the best management practices available to efficiently produce and market goats and all goat products.

Agriscience Animal Systems Research – Research in the life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management and processing of animal systems related to small animals, aquaculture, livestock, dairy, horses and/or poultry.

Agriscience Plant Systems Research – Research in the life cycles, classifications, functions, practices of plant systems related to crops, turf grass, trees and shrubs and/or ornamental plants.… Continue reading

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State Convention Keynote Speaker Shared Four Rules of Success

By: Stacie Seger

As an FFA member himself, the Keynote Speaker for the 3rd Session felt very passionate about our organization. Rick Metzeger raised rabbits for his SAE, served as a chapter and state officer, and is still very active in the National and Ohio FFA Alumnus. Rick first found his ability to speak when his Ag teacher encouraged him to try the extemporaneous speaking contest. Rick reminded the 83rd Ohio FFA Convention that “This organization constantly taught me how to learn” and that we must recognize the same opportunity we have been giving. Potential, passion, and passionate were Rick’s three “Big P’s” he emphasized to the FFA members.

Rick first declared that we must have a target in life. Bringing Ellen Gilliland, 2010-2011 District 4 President, to the stage, Rick taught Ellen to use the imaginary targets in front of her to learn how to judge. Ellen struggled a couple times to connect the sequence correctly, and we laughed when she dropped the balled.… Continue reading

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Reflections from State Convention: Stacie Seger

With a blink of an eye, two days flew by and I was home unloading my suitcase after another amazing State FFA Convention. Whether I was listening to a session, interviewing a keynote speaker, or chilling with fellow FFA members, I had an active and exciting trip. The two days had me reaching new heights and striving toward infinite potential.

Thursday evening I anxiously waited for the announcement of the winner for the Prepared Speaking   Contest. After hearing my named being called for 1st place, I remember being rushed off stage, having a microphone and sound pack attached to my jacket, and stepping back into the bright lights. It was the best feeling presenting my speech to the huge crowd. The many hours of hard work I put into the speech were definitely worth it for those 8 minutes on stage. I am eager to enter the next stage of competition – Nationals!… Continue reading

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Highlights from Session 5

Session 5 was the grandest of them all at the 83rd  Ohio FFA Convention and was highlighted with laughter, recognition of achievements and and few tears. Session 5 included:

* A touching tribute to long Steve Gratz from the many past state officers he worked with through his years of service to the Ohio FFA.

* A dynamite retiring address from State President Amy Jo Frost who encouraged all FFA members to lean on each other for support. She sang with some great backup singers telling the crowd of 6,022 to “Lean on me.”

* LA Comedian turned Highland County farmer Drew Hastings entertained the crowd with his misadventures of a city boy on the farm.

* State FFA Degrees were handed out.

* The new state officer team was announced.

* Excellent performances from the FFA Band and FFA Choir.



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2011-2012 State FFA Officer Team

President: Jessica Shanahan, Mechanicsburg

Vice President: Brent Stammen, Versailles

Secretary: Benjamin Nething, Southeast

Treasurer: Aaron Miller, Amanda-Clearcreek

Reporter: Caitlyn Black, Bloom Carroll

Sentinel: Shelby Faulkner, A.B. Graham

District 1 President: Caroline Weihl, Otsego

District 2 President: Ryan Roberts, Wellington

District 3 President: Marie Arnold, Smithville

District 4 President: Diana Stacey, Old Fort

District 5 President: Devon Alexander, Anna

District 6 President: Morgan Wade, Buckeye Valley

District 7 President: Sierra Jepsen, Amanda-Clearcreek

District 9 President: A.J. Helterbrand, Hillsboro

District 10 President: Katerine Gaskins, Sheridan

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Highlights from 4th Session

The Fourth Session (and the talent show that proceeded it) gave many more Ohio FFA members the opportunity to shine. Here are some highlights:

* The Secretary’s Award

* The Treasurer’s

* The Reporter’s Award

* Tiffany Rogers, the National FFA Eastern Region VP, shared the importance of being yourself.

* The CDE winners were recognized.

• Kathleen Seeley, Benjamin Logan, was named the Agriscience Student of the Year.

• Ashley Siferd, Cory-Rawson, was named Ohio’s top Agri-Entrepreneurship award winner.
• Participants in the Ohio FFA Agriscience Fair were recognized.
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Highlights from the Third Session

The Third Session of the Ohio FFA Convention was packed with highlights including:

* 5,374 guests were registered at the Convention.

* Jodi Hassan, with the Ohio FFA Alumni Association, provided an update of how the organization is working for students.

* Lucy Whitehead, with the National FFA Alumni Association, announced that the FFA, Carhart, and Tractor Supply Company worked with Harvest for America to get nearly 1 million pounds of food to those in need. Top chapters in Ohio for this effort were Upper Sandusky, Felicity Franklin and Evergreen (the top chapter) that donated 21,289 pounds of food.

* The top chapter in Ohio was Ridgemont. Other top chapters included: Wauseon (chapter development), Norwayne (community development), and Miami East (student development).

* Ohio farm boy and former state officer Rick Metzger gave the keynote address highlighting the four rules to success; drink from the fountain of happiness, steal time for kindness, swear to do your best, and lie down at night and be thankful that you live in the U.S.… Continue reading

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Ohio FFA Convention: Session 2 Highlights

In the second session of the Ohio FFA Convention, Highlights included:

• Honorary State FFA Degree recipients were recognized.

• Bethany Carison, Edgerton, won the Creed Speaking Contest and presented the State FFA Creed.
• Stacie Seger, Ft. Loramie, won the Prepared Public Speaking Contest and presented her speech on water quality issues at Grand Lake St. Mary’s.
• 2010 national FFA winners from Ohio were recognized.
• Adam Kroeger, Delphos, was named Ohio Star in Agribusiness.
• Nathan Fortkamp, Ft. Recovery, was named Ohio Star in Agricultural Placement
• Brady Campbell, Waterford, was named Ohio Star Farmer
• Ashley Currie, Liberty Benton, sang for the crowd as a FFA Talent act.
• The keynote speaker, former national FFA officer Trent McKnight, spoke about getting up every time you fall down.
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