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2013 Ohio FFA proficiency award winners

Wildlife Production & Management
1. Jeremy Ruger, Wauseon FFA
2. Dakota Sheahan, Genoa Area High School FFA

Veterinary Medicine
1. Carmen Meyer, Marion Local FFA
2. Linsday Daniel, Mohawk FFA

Vegetable Production
1. Christopher Teaford, Miami East-MVCTC FFA
2. Emily Harman, Versailles FFA


Turf Grass Management
1. Evan Riggs, Arcadia FFA
2. Craig Berning, Anna FFA

Swine Production- Placement
1. Logan Brookhart, Versailles FFA
2. Ben Hampshire FFA

Swine Production- Entrepreneurship
1. Doug Seger, Ft. Loramie FFA
2. Blake Campbell, Waterford FFA

Specialty Crop Production
1. Catlin Pauley, Riverdale FFA
2. Sarah Pyers, Miami East MVCTC FFA

Specialty Animal Production
1. Andrew Scharf, Ridgemont FFA
2. Kristin Eisenhauer, Shelby FFA

Small Animal Production & Care
1. Mattew Klopfenstein, Wayne Trace FFA
2. Morgan Shane, Riverdale FFA

Sheep Production
1. Chelsea Shell, Blanchester FFA
2. Emily Johnson, Miami East MVCTC FFA

Poultry Production
1. Jessica Zurcher, Firelands FFA
2. Mitchell Swonger, River Valley FFA

Outdoor Recreation

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Ohio FFA general livestock judging team results

The Top 10 teams in the 2013 Ohio FFA general livestock judging competition were:

1. Botkins High School
2. Miami Trace High School
3. Fairview High School
4. Mississinawa Valley High School
5. Bellevue High School
6. Versailles High School
7. Shenandoah High School
8. Shelby High School
9. Morgan High School
10. Peebles High School


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Meet our State FFA Convention student reporters

The State FFA Convention kicks off tomorrow! We have expanded our news staff with four FFA members that will assist us in our live coverage of this years convention. Be sure to check back throughout the next few days for results, highlights and the latest convention updates.

jordan_bohmanJordan Bonham is a graduate from Miami Trace High School and is currently a freshman at The Ohio State University, where she is majoring in agricultural communication. Jordon was very active in her FFA chapter, participating in the general livestock judging team, agriculture sales team, parliamentary procedure team, creed speaking contest, and received her state degree. She was the district high individual and a top ten finisher in the agriculture sales contest. Jordon continues to stay involved in the agricultural industry at OSU as a college ambassador and an active member of Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Alpha Zeta Partners Honorary, and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow.

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Ten things not to miss at the Ohio FFA Convention

The 85th Ohio FFA Convention is just days away. As always, there are several exciting things for members and attendees to look forward to. Here are the top 10 things to look forward to at convention!

10. Students can participate in workshops hosted by Ohio’s Country Journal/Ohio Ag Net, Ohio Bio-Products Innovation Center, Custom Ag Solutions, OSU Agricultural Education Society, and more!

9. Students, teachers, and other convention attendees can learn about opportunities beyond the Ohio FFA at the Career and Trade Show.

8. Hosted by Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum and the US Army, outdoor games will be a hot spot between sessions.

7. FFA members of all grades will be recognized through Proficiency Awards, Agriscience Fair, and CDEs.

6. Christopher Coleman, Josh Shipp, and Jeff Civillico are sure to make convention attendees laugh all while sharing important messages during their keynote addresses.

5. FFA members and guests can look forward to Southern Region Vice President Wiley Bailey’s visit to the Buckeye state!

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Anthony Wayne FFA Participates in Women in Agriculture Conference

Seven upperclassmen girls from Anthony Wayne High School participated in the 20th annual Women in Agriculture conference. The conference was held at Nazareth Hall and members from the Anthony Wayne alumni joined the girls. Alumni member Mary Bell sponsored the Anthony Wayne students to attend the conference. While at the conference students had a choice of what three sessions they wanted to participate in. The sessions that were held ranged from healthy food choices to how to be a picture perfect perfect FFA member. The girls all chose sessions that they thought would benefit them and also chose fun ones. All in all the sessions were very informative and the girls really enjoyed themselves. After the sessions students and alumni members enjoyed a wonderful meal listened to a keynote speaker. Mr. Dave Marrison with OSU Extension discussed farm succession and planning. He used situations from his own family and told us how they handled them in a timely manner.

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Greenville FFA Agronomy Judging Team

The Greenville FFA chapter Agronomy judging team placed high at Wilmington judging invitational.

The team consisted of Alyssa Garber, Patrick Garber, Brady Garber, Bradley Garber, and Patrick Schmitmeyer. The team placed 2nd overall in the contest. High-scoring individuals were Patrick Garber, placing 3rd overall and Alyssa Garber, placing 2nd overall.


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Miami East Elementary Goes WILD

Students from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter had the tables turned for a day when they became teachers at Miami East Elementary School on Thursday, April 17.  28 sophomore students enrolled in Animal Sciences were trained in Project WILD earlier in April and then prepared 20 minute lessons to educate first and second graders about wildlife.

The goal of Project WILD is to assist learners of any age in developing the awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment to result in informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions concerning wildlife and the environment upon which all life depends. Linda Raterman of the Miami County Soil and Water Conservation District was responsible for the training and lesson development the FFA members went through.

Olivia Edgell, Adam Everett, Davey Wright, Seth Drake, Casey Copeland and Jayda Burch played “Animal Charades” to teach about domesticated and wild animals with Mrs. Demmitt and Mrs. Gentis classes.

“Quick Frozen Critters” was a fast, freeze tag game to help learn about predators and prey.  

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Local Farmer Supports Fort Recovery FFA and St. Peter Neurological

FORT RECOVERY – Fort Recovery FFA and St. Peter Neurological will now be able to better serve the community thanks to the support of local farmer, Flyod Bergman, and the America’s Farmers Grow Communities.

Sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, the philanthropic arm of Monsanto Company, Grow Communities provides farmers in eligible counties the chance to win a $2,500 donation for a local nonprofit organization of their choice.  To further support counties declared natural disaster areas by the USDA due to the drought last year, winning farmers were able to direct double donations, a total of $5,000.

Bergman selected the Fort Recovery FFA Chapter and St. Peter Neurological for their continued involvement in the community.  This year, the Monsanto Fund will invest nearly $6 million in rural America through Grow Communities.
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Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation Offers Free Seed to FFA Chapters

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation announced today that chapters of the National FFA Organization may obtain up to 5,000 free Porcelain Doll pumpkin seeds to grow and sell pumpkins to raise funds for breast cancer research.

This idea for this offer came after an FFA member reached out to the Foundation. Maggie Roth, age 15 and an enthusiastic member of the Holcomb FFA Chapter in Holcomb, Kan., discovered the Foundation and their mission of combating breast cancer when she was searching for a project for her FFA chapter. Maggie then contacted the Foundation and expressed her interest.

“The FFA motto is ‘learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve,’ and I knew that if this foundation inspired me, many of my fellow FFA members would be inspired as well,” said Roth. “I was shocked when I heard that breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women and that one in every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life.

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Greenville FFA Members Participate in Public Speaking

Thomas Shaw , Victoria Nadar, and Olivia McDade  represented Greenville FFA in the Public Speaking Contests held last week.  They each spoke at the District 5 Sub-district Public Speaking Contest held recently at Tri-Village High School.  Nadar and McDadde participated in the Creed Contest while  Shaw participated in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest.

The Extemporaneous Speech Contest consists of researching and writing a 5 to 7 minute speech on an agricultural topic in 30 minutes. The contest is designed to stimulate the interest of the FFA member in agriculture and leadership by giving them an opportunity to speak before an audience.

The Creed Contest consists of a student memorizing the five paragraphs of the FFA Creed and presenting it to a panel of judges.  This contest is designed to develop leadership and the ability to appear before a group by freshmen students as they become members of the FFA.  He then answers three minutes worth of questions over his presentation. 

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Mt. Gilead FFA Held Recognition Banquet

By: Kendra Hartman, Mt. Gilead Chapter Reporter


April 13th, 2013 the Mount Gilead FFA Chapter held the annual FFA member recognition banquet. At this banquet members are rewarded for involvement in various contests and activities, the new officer team is announced as well as Honorary members added to the FFA history. Some awards include the 110% award, chapter star farmer, and gold rated officer books. 
Members that were officers last year worked very hard on their officer books. Brittany Broadwater was awarded a gold rating on her secretary book at district evaluation. Keirston Pangborn, reporter, and Samantha Appleman, treasurer, received gold ratings on their books as well. They will be recognized at State FFA convention, May 3rd. Robert Hudson, Emma Weiss, and Levi Ridenour will also be performing in the state FFA choir.

Members also were recognized for their participation in career development event contest participation. Members of the general livestock judging team placed 11th at state out of 115 teams.

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National Bioenergy and Bioproducts Education Program for Ohio Ag Teachers

Ohio teachers have the opportunity to benefit from a USDA funded initiative known as the National Bioenergy and Bioproducts Education Program (NBBEP).

The NBBEP connects educators to major sustainable bioenergy research initiatives. The program provides training for science, technology, engineering, math, and agriculture teachers. Trainings focus on bioenergy and bioproducts education including lesson plans that incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards. Incorporating these benchmarks allow the teachers to easily implement the lessons into their current curriculum.

Ohio’s training will be held at the Ohio FFA Center in Columbus on July 15-19 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Teachers will receive at $300 stipend and will be given nearly $400 in teaching materials.

Teachers can apply online at http://www.BioenergyEd.org. Space is limited.

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National Trail FFA Competed in Public Speaking

The National Trail FFA chapter sent six students to the Sub-District public speaking competition in spring of 2013 at Brookville High School. Sub-district is made up of all FFA chapters in Preble and Montgomery Counties. There are four divisions of public speaking contests. Creed speaking, where first year members recite the FFA creed and answer questions, Beginning Prepared speaking where second year members prepare and present a five to seven minute speech on an agricultural topic. Advanced Prepared student speeches are more in depth and must be six to eight minutes long, and Extemporaneous speaking where members must select a topic from an unknown list and then they have 30 minutes to prepare and present a four to six speech.

Members participating were: Creed Speakers were Dawn Richardson and Danielle Thomas, Danielle placed third and rated gold. Beginning Prepared speakers were Emilie Satterfield and Carson Fort, with Carson Fort placing third.

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Miami East FFA Holds Annual Parent-Member Banquet

The Miami East FFA Chapter recently held its 54th Annual Parent Member Banquet.  Over 275 parents, members, and guests were attendance at Miami East Junior High Auditoria.  Highlights of the evening were:

  • In 2012, the chapter was ranked in the Top 10 out of 315 chapters in the National Chapter Application. Also we placed in the Top 10 Chapter in the areas of Student Development, Chapter Development and Community Development. Our application was then sent on for national judging and we were named a 3-Star National Chapter at the National FFA Convention.
  • For 2013, the Chapter is ranked in the Top 10 in the state. And, we are a Top 10 in all three areas of development. Members will now compete to be #1 at the State Convention.
  • In 2012, National FFA Convention graduate Kyle Roeth earned the American FFA Degree.
  • At the 2012 State FFA Convention we had 25 students compete in the State Agriscience Fair.
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