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Chapter Spotlight

A-C FFA Members Receive Greenhand and Chapter Degrees

At the monthly Amanda-Clearcreek FFA meeting in January, sixty chapter members were awarded either their Greenhand FFA Degree or Chapter FFA Degree.


The Greenhand FFA Degree assures the members understand both the history and purpose of FFA as a whole. To be eligible for a Greenhand FFA Degree members must also have a strong supervised agricultural experience, otherwise known as an SAE. By demonstrating these abilities along with other specific requirements, first-year members are considered worthy of the greenhand degree.


The following 43 freshmen members were awarded their greenhand degrees: Camryn Allerding, Seth Beaty, Dakota Binkley, Dalton Binkley, Megan Bosch, Anna Branham, Nolan Brumfield, Emily Buckley, Alyson Colliton, Payton Covell, Morgan Cowdrey, Mercedes Draper, Sarah Floyd, Dakota Griffin, Lily Hines, Faith Jewell, Halley Johnson, Zach Julian, Hannah Kemmerling, Kayden Kern, Landon L’Huillier, Kassidy Leasure, Mikael Lindsey, Miguel Lobo, Madelynn Marshall, Hannah Matheny, Riley McKeska, Eian McKnight, Morgan Metzger, Gibby Miller, Dominic Palombo, Autumn Parry, Karlee Parry, Henry Poor, Austin Poston, Hannah Saum, Tucker Shamblin, Jessica Shaw, Josie Speakman, Emilee Stats, Alyssa Valentine, Reed West, and Alex Williams.… Continue reading

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Monroeville FFA tests water quality

On July 20th this summer, the Monroeville FFA officer team went to Mill Hollow in Vermillion to learn how to test water for sediment using testing tubes. This event was put on by the Huron and Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District in cooperation with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The Monroeville FFA Chapter also did their yearly planning and preparation.

The schools involved were Monroeville, South Central, Bellevue, New London, and Willard. The Monroeville students who went were John Clayton, Bryan Fritz, Emily Lewis, Aaron Gates, Troyal Firestone, Reid Stieber, Eric Nathan Heck Jr., and Lydia Leber. The area FFA chapters will start testing water this fall. The Monroeville FFA Chapter has five sites around the area that they will be testing. Each chapter will be testing these sites twice a month for the next five years. All the information from these test will be sent to the Huron and Erie County Soil and Water Conservation district, the tests will be sent to the EPA for data compilation.… Continue reading

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Chapter Spotlight: Versailles FFA

“Strive to be successful all the time!” is the mantra the Versailles FFA Chapter truly believes in. This outstanding chapter continues to raise the bar higher each year with its many events that benefit their members, school and community. Twice named the No. 1 chapter in Ohio, the Versailles FFA Chapter divides its 100 members into committees to allow each student a part in striving for education and success.

Each year begins with an officer retreat in June. Armed with icebreakers, mixers, snacks and notes from last year, the new officer team and their advisor, Dena Wuebker, sit down to plan the upcoming year. They evaluate last year’s success in order to plan the upcoming year’s goals and events. Together they set chapter goals, and each officer sets personal goals for the upcoming year.

The school year begins with the Versailles FFA Chapter inviting Greenhand members from across Ohio to their annual Greenhand Conference.… Continue reading

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