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Ohio CAT to Open Location in Washington CH

The Ohio CAT Agri Business Division has agreed to lease a facility in Washington Court House, Ohio. The seven (7) acre site on Route #22 just east of Washington Court House will serve as a sales, parts, and service facility. Ohio CAT plans to open for business on February 14, 2011. Facility preparation for the operation will begin immediately.

Products sold and serviced by the Agri Business Division of Ohio CAT include Ag-Chem application equipment, Challenger wheel, track, and articulated tractors and combines, Lexion combines, White planters, Massey Ferguson tractors for governmental applications, and Sunflower tillage tools. In addition, Caterpillar® products typically utilized in agriculture are available at each of the Agri Business Division’s dedicated  locations.

Kelly Love, V.P. of Ohio CAT’s Agri Business Division, shares, “We are excited about our expansion into Fayette County. This critical location will position us to provide a superior level of support for customers.” Love further comments, “Our focus is on the professional producer, and Washington Court House is a major hub of Ohio agricultural production.”

According to Ken Taylor, President of Ohio CAT, “Both Ohio CAT and our world class supplier partners are committed to serving Ohio agriculture with premium products, the absolute best in customer service, and parts and service backup that is second to none.… Continue reading

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JCB launches new generation skid steers and track loaders

JCB, one of the world’s largest heavy equipment manufacturers, has launched an exciting new line of highly productive and reliable skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. These “New Generation” machines are the first to not only be manufactured but also designed and engineered at the company’s North American headquarters in Savannah, Ga.
John Patterson Deputy Chairman of JCB said: “North America generates 60 percent of the worldwide demand for skid steers and compact track loaders, so developing and producing the new generation of machines in Savannah makes perfect sense and has enabled us not only to meet the unique needs of the North American market but also develop a machine range that will have universal appeal.”
JCB has introduced a range of seven new skid steers—four wheeled and three tracked—in a range that will eventually grow to 18 models. All seven machines are vertical lift, which allows for increased capacity and more reach at maximum lift height.
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SUNCO NutriMate 3

Sunco has been building planter attachments for over 25 years. The goal at Sunco is and always has been

producing equipment to make farming more efficient, cost effective and profitable.

Over the years we have seen many changes and improvements to farming practices and farm implements.

Sunco planter attachments have been part of these improvements. This is evident with the introduction of the

Nutri Mate 3.

Like the NutriMate II, the NutriMate 3 unit is designed to be mounted to the row unit of the planter. The

parallel links of the planter let the NutriMate 3 float and the row unit gauge wheels provide depth control so

nutrients are precisely placed in relation to the seed.

The unique frame design allows the discs to be pulled through the field instead of being pushed, and the discs

are allowed to pivot slightly to the left or right to keep the fertilizer opener discs trailing properly on curves and

contours.… Continue reading

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Kubota and Vermeer announce strategic marketing alliance

Kubota Tractor Corporation and Vermeer Corporation announce a strategic marketing alliance for the sale of performance-matched, allied-approved, Vermeer forage equipment. The combination Kubota and Vermeer Dealers now have the opportunity to sell Vermeer forage equipment, such as balers, rakes and related forage equipment financed by Kubota Credit Corporation.

“The marketing alliance between Kubota and Vermeer allows those Kubota Dealers who are also Vermeer Dealers to offer a full line of Vermeer forage equipment and Kubota tractors to their agricultural customers with easy financing and strong aftermarket support available from one dealer location,” explains Greg Embury, vice president sales and marketing, Kubota Tractor Corporation.

“We believe the combination of our high quality Vermeer forage solutions equipment along with Kubota’s well-respected tractor lineup, offers customers an excellent choice for purchasing high-performance, long-lasting, productive ag equipment. The alliance between Vermeer and Kubota offers an easy way to purchase a tractor and baler, rake or other related forage equipment and have the service and financing end of ownership at one convenient dealership location,” adds Mark Core, Vice President, Forage Solutions, Vermeer Corporation.… Continue reading

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Ag Leader Technology, Inc. introduces INTEGRA display

Ag Leader’s SMS™ Basic or SMS™ Advanced desktop software helps achieve this process by facilitating variety map integration from an array of collection devices. This new feature allows more growers to see variety maps on the INTEGRA display while harvesting, seeing hybrid/variety yield results in real time.
“For a long time growers have used our yield monitor to compare varieties at harvest. However, the field had to be harvested with the same display that planted the field to see the variety map in real time,” says New Business Development Manager, Roger Zielke. “I’m happy to say this added feature gives our customers a solution, regardless of their planting display. SMS-compatible data can be read into the software to create a reference file. That file is then loaded on to the INTEGRA display to show the variety map at harvest.”
Using SMS software to generate variety maps helps farming operations with multiple precision ag displays or mixed fleets of precision ag equipment in the operation.… Continue reading

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CASE IH Goes with SCR

Case IH Will Go with SCR on Medium and Heavy-Duty Engines to Meet Tier 4

To provide producers with superior operating cost efficiency and performance, Case IH will use a two-fold solution to meet the 2011 Tier 4A emission standards for off-road equipment. This approach includes:

1. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for medium- and heavy-duty engines (greater than 100 horsepower)

2. Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) for light-duty engines (less than 100 horsepower)

Tier 4 regulations require a minimum 90-percent reduction in particulate matter and up to 50-percent reduction in nitrogen oxides over Tier 3 requirements. Both CEGR and SCR systems lower emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter for cleaner engine output. However, SCR in high-horsepower engines may offer the advantages of longer service intervals, lower fuel consumption and wider fuel compatibility when compared to CEGR systems.

“SCR technology represents the best approach for high-horsepower agricultural equipment, especially when you consider how important fuel efficiency and maintenance costs are to large producers,” says Duane Nelson, Case IH director, global brand management.… Continue reading

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Unverferth Rolling Reel Leveler Primary Tillage Partner Premieres

Kalida, Ohio, (AgPR ), Feb. 16, 2010 – Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. introduces the Rolling Reel Leveler model 75, an ideal soil-finishing partner to pull behind a primary tillage tool for more receptive spring tillage.

The Rolling Reel Leveler’s 16-inch diameter chopping reels feature five spiraled, 3/8” x 3” beveled-edge blades for breaking up clods, knocking dirt off rootballs and leveling residue and ridges for a smoother secondary tillage operation. The blades’ spiral design keeps them in continuous contact with the soil surface for optimum leveling, minimal vibration and improved cleanout in heavier soils or wetter conditions.

The Rolling Reel Leveler is built with a rugged 4-inch by 6-inch main frame and wing construction for added life. The reels feature heavy-duty, 4-bolt flange bearings with a 1¾-inch-diameter shaft for long-term dependability.

The height-adjustable, reversible single-tang, double-clevis hitch and 4-inch by 4-inch telescoping tongue make it easy to attach to the lead tool.… Continue reading

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John Deere Drive Green Tractor Experience Events

Building on the success of last year’s Drive Green Utility Tractor program, John Deere announces it is holding Drive Green Tractor Experience events at more than 50 locations across the southern and eastern United States for 2010. The dealer-sponsored events, which kick off in Texas, are designed to give rural property owners, agricultural producers and other interested consumers a chance to operate and ask questions about the latest models of utility tractors and other equipment available from John Deere.

Like last year, a uniquely detailed semi-tractor and trailer will transport several utility tractors and other equipment to each of the major Drive Green Tractor Experience events. In addition, the legendary designer Chip Foose has customized a 1970 John Deere 4020 Tractor, which also will be featured at many of the events scheduled after early March.

In conjunction with the nationally scheduled Experience events, many John Deere dealers are hosting smaller Drive Green Experience activities at their local dealerships across the country.… Continue reading

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New Great Plains Air Drills

According to Greg Brenneman, marketing manager, “It features twin 82-bushel hoppers that can be used for both seed and fertilizer. This represents an extremely high on-board capacity for a 20-foot air drill, because we were able to combine the capacity of larger air drills with a 10-foot transport width. It is a very high producing drill in a very small package.”

Down pressure is channeled through its hydraulic down pressure system to the 17-inch individual spring-loaded coulters and 15-inch double disc openers to properly create the seed groove.

“The HD opener system is the only one on the market to incorporate a planter seed tube and blade separator in its design, a fact that Great Plains is extremely proud of,” Brenneman said. “We take proper seed placement very seriously and we go to great lengths to preserve our reputation in this area.”

Opener depth is controlled by the T-handle at the rear of the opener and is adjusted in 18, ¼-inch increments.… Continue reading

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Winter is perfect time to inspect, repair, replace farm tires

Proper tire maintenance on farm machinery and implements is important for improving efficiency, and now is the perfect time for farmers to look at maintaining or replacing tires, said a Purdue University agricultural engineer.

“Flat tires can cause a lot of downtime, so it’s important to do plenty of walk-arounds to check for wear and cracking-both on tractors and implements,” said Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue agricultural engineer. “Properly maintaining tires improves equipment efficiency and can mean less labor, fuel and tire wear.”

One way to ensure higher efficiency is to keep tires properly inflated, Buckmaster said.

“A common mistake is that farmers see the inflation pressure on the sidewall and think that is the proper tire inflation, but that’s actually not the case,” Buckmaster said. “Proper inflation is a function of the load on the tire. There are manuals and tables available on the Internet to help farmers calculate the best possible inflation based on tractor weight, what’s being pulled and the speed traveled.… Continue reading

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Air-Pro Seed Meter gives farmers what they have been asking for

Great Plains is proud to announce they are now offering the advanced Air-Pro meter system on all Yield-Pro planters. Air-Pro meters are pressurized air meters that take singulation and spacing accuracy a step beyond what is offered in the industry today.

“Great Plains has spent more than five years developing and testing the air pro metering system” said Tom Evans, vice president of sales and marketing at Great Plains. “We even ran our full-size proto-types an extra year to ensure that they were ready to provide farmers with the most accurate and reliable meters on the market.”

Airflow required for this system is provided by a single 8-inch hydraulic fan. The first priority is to maintain a consistent meter pressure, and it is regulated by the IntelliAG monitor. Air pressure not used to maintain consistent meter pressure is diverted to bulk seed delivery. This extremely efficient system requires only 9-gallons-a-minute hydraulic flow to operate the fan on a 16-row twin-row equipped planter.… Continue reading

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New e-system ships AGCO technical publications in 72 hours

AGCO Parts and Service announces a new electronic way for farmers to order the technical publications they need, including parts catalogs, operator manuals and repair manuals, and promises shipment in hardcopy paper format within 72 hours.

“This is an exciting addition to the way AGCO technical publications are ordered and distributed,” said Jason Marx, vice president, AGCO Parts Division, North America. “It includes all of AGCO’s current brands, AGCO, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, as well as heritage brands, where older publications in original printed form are difficult to get.”

Marx said AGCO has created new Web sites specifically dedicated to this new ordering and delivery process.

“Farmers can access our electronic ordering system through the corporate Web site www.AGCOcorp.com; the specific brand Web sites — such as Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt and Valtra under the Parts & Service tabs; or through www.AGCOpubs.com,” said Kent Butler, director, North America Technical Services and Support.… Continue reading

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