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John Deere launches MyJohnDeere web portal as customer resource

Online toolbox gives producers central site to manage farm equipment & operations

To help agricultural producers manage their equipment information, production data and farm operations from a single website, John Deere introduces MyJohnDeere.com.  Developed as part of the John Deere FarmSight™ strategy, the MyJohnDeere toolboxes gives customers a centralized online portal to access, view, archive and manage a wide variety of business information.

Nathan Greuel, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says users can log into MyJohnDeere.com and access key applications such as JDLink which allows them to view real-time information about their farm operations, field locations and important performance data from their equipment. Other applications include AgLogic™, JDParts, John Deere Financial, Stellar Support and My Equipment.

“This will be a new suite of technology to help producers plan, run and analyze their operations through the entire farming cycle,” Greuel says. “The user can access their MyJohnDeere site to view the information that is most important to them, as well as allow access to their dealer, farm manager or other third-party individuals.”
More importantly, all the information on the MyJohnDeere portal is accessible via computer, smartphone or other handheld mobile device, giving producers the flexibility to view the information when and where they want it.… Continue reading

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John Deere HarvestLab™ now provides more nutrient analysis of silage

Constituent Sensing allows producers to check crude protein and other feed variables

Beef and dairy producers will have the ability to determine corn silage nutrient quality when using the John Deere HarvestLab starting in July of 2012. In addition to dry matter content, which HarvestLab has traditionally been used to measure, the expanded Constituent Sensing capabilities will be able to predict crude protein, starch and fiber (ADF/NDF, which are important nutrient factors in livestock feed.
According to Steve Siegel, product manager for John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, HarvestLab uses Near Infrared Technology to determine the constituent characteristics of corn silage and has proven to be highly reliable under tough field conditions over the past six years. The device is used on John Deere Self Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH) to monitor corn silage at harvest and can be disconnected for use as a stationary unit to evaluate silage nutrient quality at the time of feeding.… Continue reading

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Case IH signs supply agreement with Great Plains

Case IH, a global leader in agricultural equipment, and Great Plains Division of Great Plains Manufacturing Inc., an innovator in planting, seeding and tillage technology, jointly announced the creation of a supply agreement. Under the agreement, Great Plains will supply Case IH with twin row planters to be sold through Case IH dealerships under the Case IH brand beginning in 2013.

“This agreement allows Case IH to expand our offering while continuing to support and expand our existing Early Riser® planter lineup, which is recognized throughout the industry for delivering better stands, more uniform emergence and accurate populations,” says Bill Preller, Senior Director, Case IH Specialty Business. “Case IH is pleased to partner with Great Plains, a leader in twin row technology.”

With this agreement, Case IH dealers will have the opportunity to expand their current planter offering to serve a new market projected to expand in the coming years.

Twin row cropping is growing in popularity in some regions of the United States.… Continue reading

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Vermeer introduces BPX9000 bale processor

The all-new BPX9000 Bale Processor from Vermeer combines simplicity, durability and versatility to meet the needs of today’s cattle producers. The easy to operate machine is built tough with a unique, T-style frame, the bed design and offset rotor produce even and consistent feed with minimal maintenance, and an optional large square bale kit includes enhancements to effectively process a variety of bales. The BPX9000 is built to maximize bale processing and minimize operator stress.

“When developing the BPX9000, we started by listening to producers and then designing
the machine to fit their needs. They told us they wanted a simple, durable and versatile
machine, and that is what Vermeer built,” says Phil Egging, Vermeer Product Manager.
“From the T-style frame to the slat and chain bale rotation system and offset rotor, the
components of this machine provide producers a machine that’s easy to operate, easy to
maintain and built to last.”

The BPX9000’s slat and chain bed and positive bale feeding improve bale rotation, feeding
bales more consistently into the rotor, while reducing the need for operators to reverse
rotation of the bale when feeding.… Continue reading

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Case IH offers spraying tips to maximize productivity

Producers often utilize spraying to achieve maximum yields, but how does one know the perfect time to spray, or how to minimize drift in less-than-ideal conditions? To help farmers Be Ready this growing season, Mark Burns, Case IH Marketing Manager for Application Equipment, addresses these questions.

“Many factors contribute to the decision of when – or when not – to spray,” says Burns. “Ideally, producers want the chemical application to take place at the right agronomic moment. That ‘right moment’ is when the chemical applied will preserve the yield potential for a particular field, providing the opportunity to maximize productivity.”

Competition for nutrients and moisture between plants and weeds increases every day during the growing season, explains Burns. In addition, the infestation of pests takes an increasing toll on a plant’s ability to produce grain, seed, feed or fiber.

“Environmental conditions such as wind and rain also significantly impact the spraying window,” he states.… Continue reading

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Vantilburg Farms builds cover crop seeder

By Heather Hetterick, Ohio Ag Net


VanTilburg Farms, located outside of Celina, knows the benefits of utilizing cover crops. They tried several different methods of getting the cover crops in the ground, including a drill and flying on cover crops with an airplane.

“We’d been playing with cover crops for the past five years,” said Matt VanTilburg. “We decided if we’re going to go with this, we need a machine to just plant cover crops.”

VanTilburg, along with Larry Pingry, the head engineer for VanTilburg Farms, went to work creating one. They have been experimenting with a very unique set-up of a post sprayer with a liquid tank on it featuring five mounted 12-volt seeders on the boom.

They liked what the modified sprayer did, but there were some challenges with it.

“We could turn the seeder on and off, but couldn’t stop the flow,” VanTilburg said. “We were constantly running out and we needed a guy just to dump seed in the seeders.”

They went back to the drawing board to come up with an improved design.… Continue reading

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Vermeer updated cornstalk special baler

Vermeer’s 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler makes baling cornstalks as easy as baling hay – and now enhanced with the optional Inline™ Ramp, picking up cornstalk bales is even easier. The Inline Ramp positions bales so you can pick them up along the rows without the need to drive over ridges and cornstalks, helping you save time in the field and making the bale loading process smoother. In addition, the updated Cornstalk Special includes a new, durable O-ring chain in high-wear locations to withstand the harsh conditions of cornstalk baling.

“The Cornstalk Special baler is built to make cornstalk baling easy from start to finish. Not
only is the baler designed to efficiently bale cornstalks and withstand the conditions of
doing so, but now the optional Inline Ramp makes the loading process more efficient as
well,” says Phil Chrisman, Vermeer Baler Product Manager. “Driving through the field over
ridges and rows to pick up bales can be a slow, difficult process.… Continue reading

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Rainfall data incorporated in yield estimates

Rainfall data collected by a network of radars operated by the National Weather Service will be integrated into an application that helps farmers forecast corn yields throughout the growing process.

The Optimizer 2.0 application, developed by Advanced Ag Solutions LLC, now includes a feature that accumulates Next-Generation Radar (NEXRAD) rainfall data for unique fields. NEXRAD is a system of high-resolution Doppler weather radar stations operated by the National Weather Service.

Daryl Starr, president of Advanced Ag Solutions, said integrating rainfall data into Optimizer 2.0 has been a company priority.

“Feedback indicated that users wanted rainfall data for every field, which we now can deliver,” he said. “We expected to launch the app with this feature, but we had to be certain how receptive growers would be to a site-specific yield model. The addition of more than 450 users since the spring 2012 launch indicated it was time to move forward with adding rainfall data.”

Optimizer 2.0 features a free daily text alert of changing yield forecasts by county.… Continue reading

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AGCO Intivity Center and Manufacturing Expansion officially open

More than 500 on hand for grand opening of Visitor Center and Expanded Manufacturing Facility

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE: AGCO), celebrated the grand opening of Intivity CenterSM and the 75,000-square-foot expansion of its Jackson, Minn., manufacturing center June 7, 2012. The investment brings production of Challenger® and Massey Ferguson® high-horsepower wheeled row crop tractors to North America — a decision that was announced in early 2011.

The manufacturing center expansion will contribute more than $17 million dollars and 200 jobs to the local economy, bringing the total number of professional, support and skilled manufacturing positions at the facility to 1,050. Intivity Center, a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art visitor center, is AGCO’s first welcome center in North America, and showcases the farmer-focused innovation behind the brands upon which the company has been built.

Intivity Center offers an extensive collection of historical artifacts — many never before seen by the public. In addition, it includes a glimpse of the future of agricultural equipment through interactive displays demonstrating equipment technology in development at AGCO.… Continue reading

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Patz introduces 3600 Series II Triple Screw Vertical Mixer

Patz Corporation recently announced the addition of the 3600 Series II Triple Screw Vertical Mixer to their Vertical Mixer Series. With a mixing capacity of 1,400-1,580 cu. ft. (39.6-44.7 m3), this huge mixer is the largest in the series.

Regardless of batch size, the 3600 Series II handles a wider variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds. Three patent pending Vortex™ Screws and patented baffles promote fast mixing without compromising batch quality. The thorough, consistent TMR produced minimizes sorting and reduces refusals.

Featuring six super single truck tires, the mixer’s self-steering axles improve turning radius and minimize tire wear, stresses on axles, hubs, spindles, and suspension. Also contributing to this mixer’s low maintenance design, its primary PTO driveline features an automatic cutout clutch, eliminating the need to replace shear bolts.

Engineered for optimal performance, the 3600 Series II includes a 2-speed drive package with an oil cooling system. Another standard feature, a Bull-Pull™ articulating implement hitch prevents backlash for precise control.… Continue reading

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Kubota encourages customers to hang up their cell phones to stay safe

June 24-30 is the National Safety Council’s Safe Driving Week with Emphasis on Limiting Distractions

It is common knowledge that texting while driving a car increases your risk of an accident; even talking with a hands-free device requires the brain to multi-task and can be risky behavior. The same goes for driving a tractor or using other heavy equipment. Today’s tech tools – like cell phones, music devices, or tablets – are “tractor distractors” and are unsafe to use while operating heavy equipment.

“The best advice for operators is to stay focused to stay safe,” says Greg Embury, vice president of sales and marketing, Kubota Tractor Corporation. “National Safety Month, and particularly safe driving week, provides us with an important reminder to pay close attention to the task at hand, avoid all distractions, and to take note of all safety practices before using tractors, lawn and garden equipment, construction equipment and utility vehicles.”

Power Down Before You Power Up
Every 24 seconds, an accident occurs involving drivers using cell phones, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).… Continue reading

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Patz introduces 2400 Series II Truck Mount Twin Screw Vertical Mixer

Patz Corporation recently announced the addition of the 2400 Series II Truck Mount Twin Screw Vertical Mixer to their Vertical Mixer Series. Available in 810 cu. ft. (22.9 mᵌ) and 950 cu. ft. (26.9 mᵌ) sizes, this mixer offers mixing capacities up to 1,100 cu. ft. (31.1 mᵌ) with the use of optional rubber/steel side extensions.

The 2400 Series II helps control feed costs by handling a wider variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds. Ingredients are mixed by two patent pending Vortex™ Screws and patented baffles, promoting fast mixing without compromising batch quality. Regardless of batch size, the mixer produces a complete, thorough TMR.

This new mixer can be ordered with tower style planetary speed reducers or a hydraulic wheel motor. Its hydraulic oil cooling system improves oil life, decreases wear on components, and minimizes maintenance.

The mixer’s rugged, low-maintenance design includes overlapped sidewall seams for added tub strength. To help ensure well-balanced rations, a reliable 4-point scale system accurately measures ingredients.… Continue reading

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GEOSYS provides new in-season satellite technology

Detailed, current satellite images now available to help farmers and retailers make crucial decisions

The latest satellite images of specific fields—combined with pertinent agronomic data—are now available to farmers and their retail partners to optimize the in-season decisions they make. The images are powered by new, exclusive technology from GEOSYS that arms retailers with the latest data to make decisions, such as determining appropriate crop protection and nutrient application, as focused and efficient as possible.

“This new, exclusive technology is really targeted at making every decision as profitable as possible for the farmer. Our technology helps retailers and agronomists better identify areas of a field that require immediate attention to protect yields for their farmers,” says Norm Davy, senior vice president GEOSYS, Inc. “The remote field scouting tool uses the latest innovative GEOSYS technology to deliver these current satellite images throughout the growing season, and automatically distributes email alerts when new field images are added.”

Available through a secure website, the up-to-date images can be converted into application maps using   the most advanced agronomic models and geographic information systems to help farmers manage variations within their specific fields.… Continue reading

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Hemisphere GPS expands AgJunction® compatibility with John Deere AgLogic™ Integration

Hemisphere GPS today announced the integration of the John Deere AgLogic fleet logistics management solution with AgJunction, its precision agriculture data services platform. Through the AgJunction cloud-based system, agricultural service providers such as fertilizer dealers, agronomists and co-ops benefit from the seamless two-way transfer of data and in-field work order management. The effective use of precision agriculture data can result in lower input costs and environmental impact and generate a higher crop yield per acre.

The new integration with AgLogic expands AgJunction’s compatibility with in-field systems. Agriculture service providers can use the advanced precision agriculture tools in AgJunction along with AgJunction’s electronic work order system to compile jobs to be executed in the field. Service providers can then transfer these jobs and precision agriculture data wirelessly to the field using their existing AgLogic system – no additional hardware is needed to support the transfer of AgJunction data and work orders.

“Our rapid response to market needs and innovation are enhanced through the integration of complementary technology,” said Jeff Dearborn, General Manager of AgJunction at Hemisphere GPS. … Continue reading

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Kubota takes top honors in NAEDA 2012 dealer relations survey

Kubota Dominates Rankings as Equipment Dealers Rate Kubota Highest Among Major Manufacturers

The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) released its 2012 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey and Kubota Tractor Corporation tops the charts across several key categories. In ten of the 12 categories measured in the survey, Kubota received the highest scores – compared to other major manufacturers – including the top rating in the highly coveted overall satisfaction category.

Additional top-ranking categories for Kubota include:

• Product Quality
• Parts Quality
• Product Availability
• Product Technical Support
• Communications with Management
• Warranty Procedures
• Warranty Payments
• Marketing & Advertising Support
• Manufacturer Response to Dealer Needs/Concerns

“At Kubota, our dealers are the heart of our business, and maintaining relationships with our 1,100-strong dealer network is top priority,” said Greg Embury, vice president of sales and marketing for Kubota. “We are very pleased with the results of the NAEDA dealer relations survey, and we are committed to delivering the quality, service and support that our dealers have clearly come to rely on from Kubota.”

The NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey was conducted via an email survey of NAEDA-member dealers in the United States and Canada.… Continue reading

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Monsanto buys Precision Planting

In line with its vision of delivering yield to farmers sustainably, Monsanto Company today announced it reached an agreement to purchase planting technology developer Precision Planting, Inc., a proven leader in improving yields through on-farm planting performance.

The Precision Planting team will become part of Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems unit, which utilizes advanced agronomic practices, seed genetics and innovative on-farm technology to deliver optimal yield to farmers while using fewer resources.  Precision Planting has a long history of innovations that optimize planter performance and increase yield potential, including the new FieldView™ technology, which offers an application designed to monitor all critical aspects of planter performance and crop data analysis. That will complement Monsanto’s planned Integrated Farming Systems offering of science-based agronomic seed prescriptions combined with next-generation precision equipment to help farmers boost yields and reduce risk.

“This underscores our commitment to maximizing yield for farmers while optimizing crop inputs, which is central to our vision of sustainable agriculture,” said Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer. … Continue reading

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New residue management system from Yetter makes adjusting easy

No field is perfectly uniform throughout, and taking time during spring planting to stop and make adjustments for changing field conditions, while necessary, means fewer acres per day. The Air Adjust Residue Manager from Yetter is the first in the 2940 Air Adjust series of products. With the Air Adjust system, row cleaner adjustments can be made from the tractor cab by making adjustments to the controller.

The Air Adjust uses up and down air bag pressure to allow farmers to make adjustments more quickly and accurately during planting. The residue manager height and down pressure can be adjusted independently from each other by increasing or decreasing air bag pressure. The residue managers are designed with parallel linkage allowing the manager to ride with ground contour, just like the row unit.

In no-till residue, down pressure can be increased on the floating residue manager for your field conditions. In tilled soil and lighter residue, down pressure can be decreased and air up pressure increased to allow the cleaners to float easily.… Continue reading

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Mahindra USA dealer days

Tractor Giant Teams Up With Dealers To Create A Unique Customer Experience

Mahindra USA, the number one selling tractor in the world based on volume, is working with Mahindra dealers nationwide to offer customers the opportunity to experience the power of Mahindra tractors in a unique sales event. In response to customer requests, Mahindra is inviting customers to visit their local Mahindra dealerships during the Dealer Days Sales Event and learn all about Mahindra tractors, meet members of their community and get great deals in this first-ever program.

“We listen to our customers and take their feedback seriously. Our customers want to have a full buying experience in an atmosphere to learn and test drive our innovative tractor line, but more importantly, develop a long-term relationship with our dealers,” said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA’s Vice-President, Marketing and Strategic Planning. “Mahindra Dealer Days Sales Events are designed to bring our customers and dealers together in a relaxed and casual environment that extends beyond the tractor purchase and introduces them to the Mahindra Rise culture.”

Dealer Days Sales Events will be held in May and June at Mahindra dealer locations throughout North America.… Continue reading

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Kinze announces new mounted planter line

Two new models available for 2013 planting season

Kinze® Manufacturing announces a new mounted planter line available for the spring 2013 planting season. The line will include two models, the 3110 Rigid and the 3140 Stack Fold, with a variety of size and spacing options, giving farmers several offerings from which to choose. The available models will include:

  • 3110 Rigid
    • 6 row, 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch and 40-inch spacing
    • 8 row, 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch and 40-inch spacing


  • 3140 Stack Fold
    • 12 row, 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch and 40-inch spacing
    • 16 row, 30-inch spacing


Kinze offers the only rigid integral planter with spring-loaded contact drive systems and self-contained seed rate transmissions with its 3110 Rigid. The 3140 Stack Fold model is based on an exclusive three-point, stack-folding design, and is the only planter in its class with spring-loaded contact drive tires, adjustable height wheel modules, self-contained seed rate transmissions and point row clutch option capability.… Continue reading

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New Landoll 9600 Series field cultivators unveiled

Promising a “new era in field cultivators”, Landoll recently introduced its new 9600 Series Field Cultivator line that takes seedbed preparation to a new level of size and productivity. Available in eight working widths from 20 to 50 feet, the 9600 Series is designed to help producers meet the short timeline that occurs each spring and fall prior to planting seasons.

“Not only are the new 9600 Series models designed to cover large-acreage fields quickly and smoothly, but they’re engineered for unmatched residue clearance, both under the frame and between shanks,” says Jamie Meier, Landoll Ag Sales Manager. “Our “split-the-middle” shank arrangement splits the center of each sweep path for excellent and consistent mixing of soil, chemicals and residue throughout the soil profile. Despite the ultimate 6” spacing between shanks, each frame features 135” fore-to-aft depth and 30” between ranks for maximum residue clearing capabilities.”

The 9600 Series Field Cultivators are also designed to save time when switching from one field to another, Meier relates.… Continue reading

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