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Ty Higgins

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Licking County. Using the “its who you know” and “seize an opportunity” mantras, I started my farm broadcasting career right out of high school at WRFD-AM, thanks to my uncle Scott Higgins introducing me to then Farm Director Joe Cornely.

From there my radio path took me to Columbus country music station WHOK-FM, where I was known as Tyler Jacobs for over 12 years. Eventually I ended up right where I started and where I am most comfortable, back in farm broadcasting – using my real name!

I became a member of The Ohio Ag Net team in 2010 and I am proud to share the great stories about Ohio Agriculture, one broadcast at a time.

I currently live in Delaware County, where I am raising one boy and one girl, with my wife Angela. When I am not coaching my son’s baseball team or rehearsing for my role in my daughter’s dance recital (pictures if you want them), I am grilling, golfing and doing whatever may be on my “honey-do” list at any given moment.

A loss for agriculture on Election Day

When an election season includes a vote for President, the issues that are further down the ballot rarely get any attention. That is the case for a ballot initiative, “Question 3”, proposed in Massachusetts that will make it illegal to sell veal, pork or eggs from animals that have been …

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Reason for farmer’s arrest a pile of crap

Some events in the satire article below did actually happen. Read about it here. Now enjoy what should have happened. A Warren County man, who normally delivers horse manure to others in the area as a fertilizer, made a special delivery recently. About 6 yards of horse waste was piled …

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So God made a grain cart driver

A few years ago, a Super Bowl commercial put the American farmer at the forefront of many conversations the following morning as Ram Trucks put Paul Harvey’s reading of “So God Made a Farmer” with a montage of pictures of farmers doing what they do everyday. But, even with the …

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If a farmer became President…

If a farmer became President He’d still insist on paying rent The only thing he wants for free Is this Country that he’ll oversee If a farmer became President Not a single dime would be over spent No pork escapes through the farm gate And grass would be greener in …

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Honey I shrunk the combine!

It seems like every farm show across the U.S. this year has helped in unveiling the biggest and best technology and machinery agriculture has to offer, but at some of these shows farmers and farm enthusiasts alike are getting a glimpse at something a little bit tinier. Kansas farmer Alan …

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Predator control: Eyes on the backs of cows?

In Africa, there is an effort underway to minimize the lion attacks on cattle. Now, in that region of the world the initiative isn’t to save the cattle, but to stop the farmers from shooting the lions that are preying on the livestock. Nevertheless, I found this particular study very …

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The worst joke I’ve ever heard

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the kind of guy to really speak my mind…unless I am truly compelled to. It isn’t that my views are all that different or that I care about what others think. It may be because what seems to be right in …

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