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Ty Higgins

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Licking County. Using the “its who you know” and “seize an opportunity” mantras, I started my farm broadcasting career right out of high school at WRFD-AM, thanks to my uncle Scott Higgins introducing me to then Farm Director Joe Cornely.

From there my radio path took me to Columbus country music station WHOK-FM, where I was known as Tyler Jacobs for over 12 years. Eventually I ended up right where I started and where I am most comfortable, back in farm broadcasting – using my real name!

I became a member of The Ohio Ag Net team in 2010 and I am proud to share the great stories about Ohio Agriculture, one broadcast at a time.

I currently live in Delaware County, where I am raising one boy and one girl, with my wife Angela. When I am not coaching my son’s baseball team or rehearsing for my role in my daughter’s dance recital (pictures if you want them), I am grilling, golfing and doing whatever may be on my “honey-do” list at any given moment.

The Food Safety Net

As the debt ceiling talks heat up enough to go no where in Washington, discussions about cuts to ag spending continue. Earlier this week the House Ag Subcommittee conducted it’s eighth audit of farm programs. This audit focused on Title 1 and the SURE program. Many members on this subcommittee …

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Farming: On A Smaller Scale – July, 2011

We are just about ready to harvest some of the first sweet corn here at The Higgins’ Homestead, but I have not been all that impressed with what we have to work with. Luckily, the kids aren’t quite as disappointed. They simply see corn and they’re happy. About one month …

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Opportunity and A Cloud of Dust

Well it is about time! Mother Nature has finally let the Sun shine and that has allows Ohio farmers a chance to get into the field and play catch up on planting duties. It has been very hot and humid, but I will bet you that producers would rather be …

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A Tragic Loss for Ohio Agriculture

Statement from Ohio Agriculture Director James Zehringer “The World needs more great communicators like Lindsay Hill, Dale Minyo, and Gary Jackson.  The loss today of Lindsay’s passionate and articulate voice is a loss for agriculture and all Ohioans.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Lindsay and her family.” By Ty …

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Farming: On A Smaller Scale – Week 2

We are 100% planted! Granted it was only about 6 rows of 10 seeds, but with a 6 and a 3 year old it took a bit longer. If real farmers had to “take turns” planting, we’d only be about 2% done around Ohio. (7% is bad enough). As you …

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Farming: On A Smaller Scale

I grew up on a farm and I still feel a strong connection to agriculture. The values and morals of the lifestyle have made me who I am today. Unfortunately, I am not part of agriculture in a way that I would like to have been, aside from being a farm …

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Like A Punch In The Gut

By Ty Higgins Sometimes that line between farm broadcaster and farm boy is hard to see. This thought comes to me as I watch something else that is hard to see, the new undercover video from Mercy for Animals from a livestock operation in Texas. It is not for the …

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It’s Not About The Money

It isn’t very often that farmers have the spare time to stop and ask themselves why they get up every morning and do jobs and chores that not many other people would ever want to do. To most, the thought of cleaning stalls or spreading manure sounds like corporal punishment, …

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Ohio Ag Still Butters the Bread

There is a very popular saying during Presidential election years that the way Ohio goes, so goes the rest of the Country. Ohio is in a tough spot with a gaping deficit. Factories and small businesses are going by the wayside with every passing day. America faces these same challenges, trying …

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