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2020 Between the Rows

Progress in planting made between rains

Willie Murphy

We have gotten a bunch of rain but we were able to plant last Tuesday. We planted a field of beans and it was getting pretty fit. On Wednesday we got both planters up and running and got the corn planter going. We got all the bugs worked out and got a bunch planted on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we got a spotty rain here and we got maybe two tenths. Further north got anywhere from four tenths to eight tenths on Thursday.

It kind of dried back out for us and we were able to plant corn all weekend. We started late Friday and planted until the middle of the day on Monday and got about half of our corn planted. North of here they got more rain. Altogether I think they got 2.5 inches from Monday to today. We are fortunate. You don’t have to go very far from here before it gets pretty wet.… Continue reading

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Jake Heilmann, Between the Rows 2020 Farm Highlight

Jake is one of our Between the Rows farmers for 2020. Jake talks with Matt Reese about his farming operation. Jake is the 4th generation on the farm and he farms in partnership with Matt Ditzig and Randy Mead. The sandy soils of Lucas county lend themselves to corn after corn and make for an interesting story. Our Between the Rows program is brought to you by Seed Genetics Direct. Learn more at www.Seedgeneticsdirect.com.… Continue reading

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Cold weather and frosty fields

Charlie Kail

I work with several guys who have 200 or 300 acres who have the crops in the ground. We’ve got 25% of the corn and beans in the ground right now around here. I haven’t heard of anything not growing. I had corn spiking on Saturday that had been in the ground for 10 or 12 days. That was on sandy ground. The guys on sand are getting things in the ground and up. The heavy clay guys haven’t been doing too much.

In some of these areas the ground is either going up or it’s going down. These hills are nice to you when it comes to the showers because they run off. If you give us a day we could run again after the rain this weekend.

There are a pile of acres sprayed in this area. It might not have been really warm but we have been running dry fertilizer hard here too.… Continue reading

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Planting progress hit or miss (mostly miss) so far

Willie Murphy

We had a little more rain than some other areas. We’ve had one day in the last two weeks where it was fit to do some tillage. We were able to work all day Wednesday April 22 and then it started raining again. We had well over an inch of rain in the last 3 or 4 days and it is going to be a little while until we get back out there. We have also had some very cool nights and it brings the moisture come back up out of the ground at night. That makes it hard to get much done.

There was some corn in the area planted on April 22. Some guys had done some tillage awhile back and planted into stale seedbeds. We saw some N getting put on and we got 500 acres of bean burndown on. There have been other days where it was dry enough to spray but it was too windy.… Continue reading

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Meet one of the Ohio’s Country Journal/Ohio Ag Net Between the Rows Farmers: Willie Murphy

Willie Murphy farms in Clinton county Ohio with his father, brother and uncle. The Murphys are what you would call a diversified operation, producing row crops, feeder cattle, brood cows, and hogs. Along with a traditional rotation of corn, beans, and wheat they also grow barley, spelt and hay.

Between the Rows is presented by Seed Genetics Direct. Value. Knowledge. Performance,  IT’S IN OUR GENETICS.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast |Ep. 150 | Sesquicentennial Podcast plus four h’s

It is the 150th Ohio Ag Net Podcast, and while we here at OCJ wish we could celebrate together, we are happy to be talking about 4-H youth giving back to essential workers this week! Matt, Kolt, and intern Madi host the podcast from their homes with guest Jenny Morlock from the Wood County 4-H Extension. Jenny talks about Wood County’s recent program that has 4-H’ers and their families around the state sending appreciation to all essential workers with the hashtag, #4Happreciatesyou. This week begins the 2020 between the rows, which brings two interviews to the podcast this week featuring Willy Murphey from Clinton County, and Jake Hellman from Lucas County. And we have a market outlook for the week from Ben Brown.… Continue reading

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Between the Rows kicks off the 2020 season

Jake Heilmann

We farm corn, beans and a little bit of wheat. We used to have a large hog operation but we got out of that around 20 years ago. We strictly do row crops now and we have a lot of on farm storage. We find we grow our best corn on our sandier ground and we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to corn-after-corn. We plan our corn acres to the amount we can do with one combine in the fall and the remaining acres get put to beans. We get wheat into the rotation when we want to install tile and we do that ourselves. We have a third party bale straw and we do some double-crop beans if we can make it work logistically.

Drainage certainly is showing its benefits like it does every year. We have been able to get on fields that are better drained. We have some fertilizer spread and some anhydrous ammonia applied on maybe a quarter of our corn acres.… Continue reading

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