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2019 Between the Rows

Between the Rows: Slow planting progress

Andrew Armstrong – Clark County

We did get all of the burndown accomplished and the sprayers are cleaned out and ready for post- applications now. Some fields didn’t look too bad but we knew there were weeds sprouting out there that were going to give us a run for our money if we didn’t get them controlled in time.

Planters are unfolded, triple-checked and ready to roll. We are keeping an eye on the forecast for how much rain we are going to get and for how long. The forecast is changing to lesser amounts. We are thinking about putting seeds in the ground today if we don’t get any rain. There are a few places around that got some rain last night and early this morning. We are fortunate where we are right now. The fields we are interested in starting in are pretty dry.

There are a couple of guys who started yesterday or last night.

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2019 Between the Rows farmers gearing up for planting

Dylan Baer – Wood County

Most of our farm is in Wood County. We farm a little in Henry and Hancock counties. We grow wheat, corn, beans, and a bit of alfalfa. My dad is a seed dealer. We are delivering seed right now. I bale straw too.

On our farm we only plant enough wheat for what I’m going to bale. We have 220 acres of wheat this year. We had it planted in the first week of October and it looked good, not great, but good last fall. It is having a heck of a time greening up this spring. The green spots are starting to make the brown dead spots look bad. We like to topdress it in mid-April and the first chance we get we’ll get out there.

We actually finished up with harvest Oct. 25. We thought we’d have the month of November to finish up with tillage.

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