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West Holmes FFA Banquet was held virtually

By Chloe Shumaker, West Holmes FFA Reporter

This year the West Holmes FFA Banquet was held virtually over facebook from May 18th to the 22nd. Over those five days the virtual banquet was held to honor and recognize all the FFA members’ achievements over the past year, as well as recognize community members for their help and involvement in the FFA.

Special recognition was given to the following members: Kylie Ramirez – DeKalb Award, Lexi Ogi – Outstanding Senior Award; Jayme Pennell – Outstanding Junior Award; Cora Crilow – Star Chapter Farmer, Ally Ogi, Outstanding Sophomore Award; Alysa Pringle – Star Greenhand and Garrett Houin – Outstanding Freshman Awards. These members earned the highest amount of points in their respective grades from their involvement in activities throughout the year.

The chapter also recognized community members that have helped our chapter in many ways. Four individuals received the Honorary Chapter Degree, the highest award a chapter can give a non-member. Our first Honorary Chapter Degree went to Mr. Patrick Miller, he is a big part of our annual FFA week. He makes all the google documents throughout the week and makes sure each volunteer and speaker gets to their assigned rooms. The next individual to receive this award was Mrs.Teslie Kinsey, she has allowed us to use her room for our food science class as well as our meetings and supports us in our annual sales and as well as helping during our FFA week. The next award went to Mr.Tyler Renner. He is always there to help the chapter in any way he can as well as asking questions to learn new things about our chapter. Our last recipient was Ms. Sandy Miller, she has always jumped at the chance to help our chapter in any way. She has traveled with us to state convention as well as national convention and supports us in everything we do. Thank you all so much for everything you do for our chapter.

Distinguished service awards are given to community members who have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty for the chapter and 6 were awarded this year. Our first Distinguished Service Award went to Mr. Troy Crilow, he has volunteered his time to help us out whether it is chaperoning a meeting or supporting us in our fundraisers. Our next award went to Tim and Christie Stitzlein, they allowed us to hold our Halloween meeting at their house this year. The next award went to Mr. Kyle MCcoy, he supports us in all of our fundraisers and is a big part of our tractor troubleshooting team and helping them practice for competitions.The next Distinguished Service Award went to Ms. Janessa Hill, she helped with alot of our contests and interviewed and slated the officers for the 2020-2021 team. Our next Distinguished service award went to Matt and Amy Rohr, they allowed us to use their property to hold the 2019 officer retreat. Our final Distinguished Service award went to Trevor and Ashley Ogi, they also allowed us to hold our August meeting at their pond. We thank you all for helping us.

Camp Scholarship Donors provide opportunities for our members to attend FFA camp over the summer or other activities during the fall, our camp scholarship donors are Andrews Auctioneers, Arlie and Evelyn Rodhe, Bill Flinner, Buckeye Deli, Goodwill Farms, Holmes SWCD, Mike and Gwen Uhl, Millersburg Electric, Snyder Brothers, Tate Farms, and Uhland Farms. Thank you all for supporting our chapter.

Every year we hand out awards of appreciation to all people that have helped us throughout the year serving as guest speakers, judges, and team coaches. This year’s Certificates of Appreciation went to Miss Andrea Anderson, Mrs. Justine Baker, Mr. Kevin Beachy, Mr. Adam Brately, Mr. Jeremy Burnison, Mrs. Mindi Campbell, Mr. Tracy Chance, Mrs. Margaret Davis, Mr. Brian Dodd, Mrs. Kelly Dye, FCCLA Members, Field Commanders and Band Seniors, Mr. Zac Gardner, Mr. Nick Gerber, Ms. Scarlett Habrun, Mr. Isaac Haver, Mrs. Jessica Kaufman, Mr. Aaron Kaufman, Miss Morgan Kellogg, Ms. Mindy Kick, KORT and Senior Athletes, Mr. Steve Lacko, Mr. Brian Lash, Mr. Dave McMillen, Mr. Mike Molnar, Mr. Greg Morrison, Mr. Rob Moser, Mrs. Kristen O’Brien, Mrs. Dawne O’Donnell, Mr. Will O’Donnell, Mr. Jim Park, Mrs. Lacey Reynolds, Miss Alison Rogers, Mrs. Melissa Rodhe, Mr. Dave Rhoades, Senior Student Council Members, Mrs. Kris Shearer, Mrs. Melissa Slauson, Mrs. Kate Smith, Mrs. Lori Snively, Mrs. Julie Snyder, Miss Jen Stutzman, Mrs. Rosemary Taggart, Mr. Jeremy Westbrook, Mr. Jordan Widder, 1871 Trading Post, Mrs. Pam Akins, Mr. Bronson Allison, Mrs. Roxanne Anderson, Mr. Steve Andrews, Bags Sports Pub, Mr. Rusty Baker, Mr. Scott Balder, Mr. Jonathon Beam, Berlin Farmstead, Mr. Zach Bolinger, Ms. Erin Bosley, Mrs. Melissa Boughman, Mr. Ben Brannon, Buckeye Deli, Mr. Jeremy Carter, Mrs. Stacey Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Kayla Clark, Mrs. Tiffany Conner, Ms. Amy Crilow, Mr. Aaron Day, Miss Emily Day, Mrs. Rachel Day, East Holmes Vet Clinic Staff, Mrs. Lisa Feikert, Mr. Errick Flinner, Mr. Mike Fowler, Fox’s Pizza Den, Dr. Jenna Frakowski, Mr. Duane Galbraith, Mrs. Ashley Gerber, Mr. & Mrs. Ross & Keri Haley, Mrs. Jen Halverson, Mrs. Lisa Hansen, Mrs. Liz Helterbrand, Mr. Craig Hershberger, Mrs. Lisa Hipp, Mr. Danny Hipp, Holmes County Training Center, Mr. Darrell Hood, Mrs. Jane Houin, Mr. Rob Hovis, Mr. & Mrs. Hank and Julie Hughes, Mrs. Sarah Humphrey, Mrs. Holley Johnson,Mr. Andy Jones, Kathy’s Kuts, Mr. Jeff Kellogg, Mr. Kim Kellogg, Killbuck Pizza Parlor, Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Jess Kurtz, Ms. Judy Lamp, Ms. Lisa Lang, Mrs. Ella Lorentz, Mrs. Nancy Lorentz, Ms. Vicki Loucks, Mrs. Teresa Mackey, Mr. Will Marmet, Ms. Kayla Martin, Miss Codi Mast, Mr. Koleson McCoy, Mr. Wyatt Mellor, Mr. Micah Mensing, Miss Mariah Miller, Mr. Steve Miller, Mr. Lee Miller, Mr. Joe Miller, Millersburg Electric, Mr. Marlin Moore, Miss Alyx Morris, Mr. Matt Music, Officer Myers, Mrs. Lori Nicholson, Mrs. Kayla North, Mr. Gabe O’Brien, Mr. Pat Obrst, Ohio CAT, Mrs. Rosaline Parkinson, Mr. & Mrs. Jason and Ti Pennell, Mr. Layne Perone, Pomerene Hospital Panel, Mr. Bob Porter, Mr. Edgar Raber, Ms. Julie Renner, Kurt and Kent Rodhe, Mr. Chris Roush, Mrs. Katie Schlabach, Mr. Brandon Schmucker, Mr. Jason Schuch, Mrs. Norine Seat, Mr. Andy Shaffer, Mrs. Tara Sheldon, Mrs. Risa Snyder, Mrs. Kathy Smith, Mr. Chris Sprang, Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay and Karen Sprang, Miss Alison Sprang, Miss Mary Sprang, Miss Sarah Sprang, Miss Harlie Spurlock, Chief Starner, Mr. Bill Sterling, Mrs. Darla Stitzlein, Mr. & Mrs. Matt and Kelli Stitzlein, Mr. Chad Strouse, Mrs. Brenda Stutzman, Mr. Kerry Taylor, Dr. Mary Uhl, Miss Becca Vales, Mr. Kevin Wilfong, Mr. Leon Williams, Mr. Chris Young, Mrs. Tina Zickefoose, Mrs. Phyllis Zimmerman, Mrs. Renee Zimmerman. Thank you for helping our chapter!

Members were also recognized for who had received State degrees this year as well as state and national proficiency finalists.  State Degree recipients were Megan Brannon, Taryn Grassbaugh, Aubree Houin, Jayme Pennell, Ethan Reining, Lucas Shaum, Rebecca Sprang, Chase Stitzlein, and Addison Yates. The state proficiency finalists were Jayme Pennell -Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management 1st, Chase Stitzlein – Dairy Production- Entrepreneurship 1st, Ethan Drzazga – Agricultural Sales 2nd, Brayden Shumaker -Agricultural Services 2nd, Logan Schlauch – Dairy Production- Entrepreneurship 2nd, Taylor Feikert – Swine Production- Entrepreneurship 2nd, Kylie Ramirez – Service-Learning 3rd, and Hayley Davis – Veterinary Science 4th. Congratulations guys!

Members are given a gold, silver, or bronze level rating based on their involvement in activities throughout the year! In the freshman class bronze level members were Dyllan Bender, Dawson Doretich, Kadan McDougale, Jared Miller, Olivia Sampsel, Syrus Tish, Cassie Warren, Jordan Whitman, and Blaine Winkler. Silver level members were Tyler Eichelberger, and Dakotah Ringwalt. Gold level members were Garrett Houin, Sarah Irwin, Jess Miller, Pacee Miller, Alysa Pringle, Becca Schuch, and Maria Steiner.

In the sophomore class bronze level members were Tucker Kaufman, Kyle Mowery, and Emma Stitzlein, Silver level members were Josh Carter, Ethan Feikert, Amy Hughes, Drake Mullet, Leah Reining, and Abby Waers. Gold level members were Cora Crilow, Ally Ogi, and Chloe Shumaker.

In the Junior class bronze level members were Samantha Kendall, Cody Miller, and Nathan Yoder. Silver level members were Natasha Averbukh, Taryn Grassbaugh, Bree Houin, Clay Shepler and Addison Yates. Gold level members were Jayme Pennell, and Rebecca Sprang.

In the senior class bronze level members were Hayleigh Bender, Megan Brannon, and Braxton Lint. Silver level members were Hannah Goines, Macin Hager, Phillip Lepley, Ethan Reining, Tierra Slaubaugh, Chase Stitzlein, and Maddie Stitzlein. Gold level members were Ethan Drzazga, Lexi Ogi, Kylie Ramirez, and Brayden Shumaker.

New officers were installed as follows: President- Jayme Pennell, Vice President- Natasha Averbukh , Secretary- Cora Crilow, Treasurer- Becca Schuch, Reporter- Chloe Shumaker, Historian- Ally Ogi, Sentinel-Clay Shepler, Student Advisor-Alysa Pringle.

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