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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – July 1, 2020

We could pretty much just type the words “sunny”, “hot” and “dry”, leave them alone and you’d have an accurate forecast.

However, we probably need to expound just a bit.

All significant rain threats are in the rear view mirror this morning. WE likely hold on to a few clouds in far south and southwest parts of the state today, but still, we turn out partly to mostly sunny there. Temps will begin to climb and will do so through the rest of the week and weekend. WE look for 80s to lower 90s through the weekend. Humidity values will be rising too, meaning it will feel worse.

Next week is more of the same. Full sunshine Monday through Wednesday with oppressive heat. Temps will be in the lower to mid 90s in most areas, and if you fall short of the 90 degree mark, it wont be by much. Thursday and Friday we stay warm and humid, but there is at least a bit more of a threat of pop up thunderstorms, particularly on Thursday.

Many of you are asking about overnight lows. Expect 66-72 for the next few nights, and then 69-75 from the weekend through next week.

The map below shows combined precipitation potential from today through next Friday. Most of what is shown here “pops up” next Thursday.

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