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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – June 2, 2020

A minor disturbance moved across MI overnight and we still may see some lingering showers in north central and northeast Ohio this morning. But, generally, we should swing back drier for the rest of the afternoon and overnight tonight. A huge push of warm air comes in from the south today, increasing humidity after the moisture skirted by overnight. Today clouds will mix with sunshine, with more clouds in the north, and more sun in the south. Tomorrow starts off with sun, but clouds build as a trough boundary comes in from the north. Scattered showers break out over northern Ohio tomorrow afternoon and continue through the evening, while spreading south. Rain continues through Thursday and into early Friday over central and southern Ohio (US 30 southward). Finally on Friday we see moisture start to leave, with only a few lingering showers. Rain tomorrow will have 70% coverage from US 30 north, 80% coverage tomorrow night and Thursday from US 30 southward, and then 40% coverage for Friday through midday. We expect rains in the northern third of the state to be from a few hundredths to half an inch, while rains central and south can total .25″-1″, thanks to better thunderstorm potential. The map at right shows rain potential from tomorrow through early Friday.

The week finishes dry Friday afternoon through the weekend. WE should see good sunshine and limited shower/thunderstorm threat. We wont completely rule out a pop event, as heat builds, leading to some instability. Next week starts sunny, warm and dry for Monday and Tuesday. Temps will be above normal.

A front arrives next Wednesday, sweeping through from NW to SE. This will bring rain potential of .1″-.7″ over 80% of Ohio. However, we clear quickly behind the front and finish the 10 day period warm and dry again. A wild card will be a tropical storm or hurricane that heads through the western gulf this week and weekend, making landfall early next week somewhere from TX to LA. This system will throw a lot of moisture north, but the track over land is not anywhere close to certain. So, if that moisture an catch the Wednesday front, we would potentially be looking at a much wetter finish to the week. IF not, we could end up being much, much drier. It is a development we continue to monitor.

No changes to the extended period. Days 11-16 look warm and mostly dry, but again a lot of that depends on where the remains of that hurricane and tropical storm go.

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