Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 7, 2020

Another dry day today. Sunshine will play a big part. But, big changes are coming tomorrow.

Much colder air gets ushered in tomorrow with moisture. We expect rain over most of Ohio, but in northern areas can not rule out wet snowflakes. Liquid potential is from a few hundredths to .25″ from I-70 north, but from .25″-.75″ from I-70 south. Snow flakes will be very wet, but some models are suggesting some accumulations in central and eastern Ohio. This tells you that cold air is not to be messed with; however, we think that accumulations will be hard to come by.  Precipitation is done by near or shortly after sunset.

Frost and freeze conditions are in over all of Ohio overnight Friday night and Saturday morning. Saturday morning lows are depicted at right. These levels mean we can easily see multiple hours well below freezing. We should see dominant sunshine for the balance of Saturday, though. However, we stay chilly. We will not be as cold as Friday, thanks to the sun, but not that much warmer. On Sunday clouds are back, and we are speeding up our next system a bit. Scattered showers move over the state from late morning through afternoon, bringing a few hundredths to .25″ with 70% coverage. Southern parts of the state may be able to have the best shot at missing those showers.

Partly to mostly sunny and dry Monday through Wednesday of next week. Temps are cool to start, but moderate dramatically by midweek. However, this now looks to be fuel for a big change in pattern. We are much wetter now the last half of next week, with showers likely Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This wet pattern will be helped by warmer air surging form the south, and we actually see the warm air-cold air battle play out over the top of us. The moisture those days seems to move slowly, leading to more rain than we would like. Combined 3 day totals can be .5″-1.5″ with coverage at 90% of Ohio.

The wetter move toward the end of our 10 day forecast window is a dramatic change in our pattern, but one that is likely. The drier windows some parts of the state have seen over the past week to 10 days will go away as we move through the middle of the month. Other areas that have not been as fortunate on the drier windows dont see any let up in that set up. First things first, though…the cold air this weekend is formidable and it looks like we have very little chance of missing it anywhere in Ohio.

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