Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 6, 2020

After a somewhat soggy Tuesday, we dry down today and tomorrow. Temps will be a little warmer than what we saw Tuesday, thanks to sunshine returning. However, we will stay below normal for this time of year.

Scattered showers return Friday. We are increasing coverage to 90% of the state, but overall moisture content looks to be relatively minor in most areas. From I-70 northward, we see only a few hundredths to .25″. From I-70 southward, .1″-.5″ can be seen, with the heaviest down in far southern parts of the state. A large part of areas getting rain will be near .25″ or less, which should not impact field work longer term. Moisture dies down in the overnight Friday night.

The weekend is dry, both Saturday and Sunday. However, we are much colder for the period too. Frost and freeze conditions are still likely early Saturday morning. The map at right is an update on temperature potential, and these temps are colder than our look 24 hours ago. While this will not be a problem for most corn and soybeans (in terms of mortality) because the growing point is still mostly sub surface, it (along with continued cool air) will slow growth and germination some. For wheat this temperature level is much more concerning. We will have to see how many hours of sub 28 degrees level temperatures we end up with, but with some of these temps, we would be right to suggest that it could be a substantial number of hours. In other cases, it may only be an hour or two. Our concern is very real here for SRW across Ohio. Other tender vegetation (including your garden) will need to be protected, if possible. We do see sunshine both days of the weekend.

Overnight Sunday night through next Monday we cant rule out scattered showers. Rain totals will be from .1″-.5″ with coverage at 80% of the state. We end up getting more rain than anyone else in the astern corn belt, as the system slows over the top of us and starts to swing northeast. Just an unlucky break right now, but there is plenty of time for this system o evolve further and for us to take some moisture out. For now, look to have to deal with some moisture, though

Dry for the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday period next week, as we finish out the 10 day forecast window. Temps will start to moderate, and we should be above normal by Friday the 15th. Sunshine dominates Tuesday and Wednesday. We cant rule out more clouds next Thursday, but the system causing them looks to stay well north up over the Great Lakes, mostly MI and Ontario. Friday should be partly sunny too as the warmth builds.

The good news in the forecast this morning is that overall moisture still is minor to manageable. The bad news is that we have at least 2 days where we pick up new rain, that will take about a day (each system) to evaporate out. So, no big delays to field work in this forecast, but still some short pauses or interruptions.

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