Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 4, 2020

We are trying to work a drier forecast into Ohio this morning. While we don’t completely escape moisture this week, we do see rain totals rather minimal. The problem will be cool air once again returning to Ohio, which will slow drying some. Still, we likely end up with at leas 7 of the next 10 days suitable for fieldwork in the state, and perhaps more.

We are partly sunny and dry today. While we are cooler than this past weekend by a good 7-10 degrees or so, we still will be near normal for this time of year. Overnight tonight, clouds build in southern Ohio, and then tomorrow we have to deal with a few hit and miss showers in far southern Ohio. The rest of the state may not see any significant moisture potential, but plenty of clouds around, especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. Clouds linger through a large part of Wednesday, and that is where we may see a shower or two in central and eastern parts of the state. Anything that falls tomorrow or Wednesday will generally be limited to a few hundredth to .1″, except tomorrow in far southern Ohio…totals there could be .1″-.4″.

The latter part of the week is mostly dry. Thursday, Friday, Saturday we see sun and clouds. Of those days, more clouds in on Friday and that means we cant rule out a spit or sprinkle from I-70 south. But, we put coverage there at only 30%. The bigger story for the second half of the week and the weekend as well, will be colder temps. A strong push of cooler air takes control Thursday, and holds through Sunday. Well below normal temps will be seen over the entire state. We wont rule out a run toward the upper 20s and lower 3os in most areas. This is a big story to watch. We don’t expect a big drop in soil temps, but this is far from ideal growing conditions for crops planted in the past couple of weeks, and worst case, tender vegetation will get whacked pretty good. The map at right shows potential Saturday morning lows.

Showers move over the northern half of Ohio next Monday as a system moves through the great lakes. From I-7o north we can see up to .25″ with coverage at 80%. However, we see no rain farther south. WE do this again on Wednesday the 13th, but keep the moisture mostly north of US 30, similar totals.

Overall, the 10 day combined moisture looks favorable for getting some crops in the ground. The map below shows that 10 day potential.  The cooler air is less than ideal and wont dry things quite as fast later this week, but we don’t see any big rains that chase us from the field for a long period of time.

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