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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 13, 2020

One last dry day over Ohio before rains set in. Temps today should be a few degrees warmer than yesterday, but remain below normal for this time of year. Sunshine dominates, but clouds will be on the increase late in the afternoon and definitely this evening. South winds will develop through the day.

Rain arrives early tomorrow morning, and we see showers the next 4 days. Tomorrow’s action looks to stay mostly north of I-70. But then Friday showers move through the entire state. Saturday we have our lowest rain chances, but still likely see a few showers, and then Sunday another round of rain and thunderstorms sweeps through. All told, we have combined rain totals of .5″-1.5″ over all of Ohio. Those totals are slightly lower, as the best rains should develop farther west over IN and IL. The map at right gives a look at updated rain potential.

Next week we swing the pattern back the other way, going sunny, warm and dry Monday through Thursday. Temps will be above normal and we should see excellent dry down with high evaporation rates. Clouds build next Friday morning, and by afternoon we will have to keep on the lookout for scattered showers and thunderstorms, as a front approaches from the NW. Rain totals right now look to be .1″-.5″ over 70% of Ohio to finish the 10 day period late Friday.

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