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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – April 3, 2020

Another spectacular spring day today. South winds are boosting temps. Sunshine will be dominant through the day. Evaporation will be at near maximum. Great day. Tomorrow will be similar. In fact, temps should be even a bit warmer. Expected high temps for tomorrow are shown at right. Sunshine will be with us through most of Saturday, but clouds start to develop in the afternoon, especially in NW Ohio. Those clouds will lead to scattered light showers through the overnight tomorrow night and the first part of Sunday, but will generally be no more than a few hundredths on the low end to .2″-.3″ on the top end. Moisture is minor. We return to a mix of clouds and sun later Sunday afternoon, and pull out a similar Monday, although temps likely will not be as warm.

Scattered showers are back Monday overnight and continue through Tuesday and into early Wednesday. Again, moisture is not that impressive, generally giving .4″-.5″ or less over about 70% of Ohio. There will be plenty of holes in the moisture through the period, and as rain events go, this one is looking more and more benign. We do have a final threat late Wednesday evening, but even that wave is not as impressive this morning.

The rest of next week is drier, with no new precipitation Thursday through Saturday. We will be cooler for the period, but not cold, so we still can see some decent evaporation. Scattered showers sneak through overnight next Saturday night into early Sunday but have moisture totals generally of .25″ or less, and coverage at 60%.

The extended period still points toward a rain threat the following Tuesday and Thursday, with the emphasis on heavier rains out of the Thursday event (16th).

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