Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, April 16, 2020

No changes to the forecast this morning. We have another push of cold air the next 2 days, and another surge of moisture across the region, then things start to look better for about 5 days or so.

Today we stay cool. Temps will likely be a few degrees better than yesterday, but we saw a significant blast of cold air overnight last night. Clouds will break for some sun today, but we by no means expect sun to be the dominant feature of the forecast. Overnight tonight we have moisture returning from the west, arriving after midnight mainly. The moisture continues to stream across Ohio through all of tomorrow. Liquid equivalent totals will be from .1″ to .6″ with 95% coverage in Ohio. However, we feel more strongly about snow potential now, especially over the northern half of the state. We think 1-2 inch snowfall totals through tomorrow midday will be commonplace north of I-70, but those types of totals will not be seen in ALL areas. This will be a wet snow, and wont last long. By tomorrow afternoon we expect most of the snow will be melted and additional precipitation can be liquid…sprinkles or even a light shower or two. But, the moisture does look rather even spread again this morning. We all are going to see something tomorrow.

The weekend looks better. A mix of clouds and sun is expected over Ohio both days and temps begin to moderate a little bit. We should start to see better evaporation over the weekend. Then for Monday through Wednesday, we turn out mostly sunny and temps warm dramatically. We expect above normal temps for all of Ohio through that period, and evaporation at maximum levels. Any nice breeze out of the west or south those days will help all the more. Lighter soils that miss on the action overnight tonight and tomorrow may have a chance at playing in the dirt a bit later Tuesday and Wednesday…keep the fingers crossed.

A strong front is persistent for next Thursday. Rain may start already shortly after midnight next Wednesday night, but we think this is more of a Thursday event. We are taking just a bit off the top end of the precipitation potential, but still see 95% of Ohio getting up to 1 inch of moisture from that event. The map at right shows 24 hour rain potential for next Thursday.

The rest of the 10 day window looks drier, with partly sunny skies Friday the 24th. There may be a few leftover showers circulating through mainly northern parts of the state, but coverage will be limited to about 30% or less, and only a few tenths. Then Mostly sunny and mild for Saturday the 25th. We still have to watch the potential for a strong storm to start the extended period on the 26th.

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