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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – April 1, 2020

We dry our entire soil profile today and planters can roll everywhere tomorrow!!!




Actually, our 10 day forecast is a little wetter this morning, on the back of an increase in moisture at midweek next week. Timing is pretty much the same, but our event next Wednesday is looking a little more significant. Short term weather still looks to improve, though.

Today cool air remains over Ohio, but we should see clouds break up a little more and allow sunshine in. Temps will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday, if for no other reason than that aforementioned sun. Tomorrow, though, south winds ramp up, and that will begin to bring some significant temperature moderation to the state. We are sunny and pleasant to finish the week through Friday and early Saturday morning.

Clouds increase a little sooner Saturday midday and afternoon, and our next minor wave of moisture also arrives sooner. We are bumping totals and coverage for Saturday afternoon and overnight, with our expectations now at totals of a few hundredths to .4″ over 80% of Ohio. The faster arrival of moisture means its gone faster too, so now we are keeping Sunday fully dry, with a mix of sun and clouds.

Clouds increase again Monday with rain by late afternoon and evening. That rain continues into early Tuesday morning, but we are reducing totals slightly right now we are adjusting to .25″-.5″ totals but still 90% coverage. The balance of Tuesday will be dry with cloudy to partly sunny skies.

Wednesday features the biggest changes this morning. Rains look more formidable for the day Wednesday, and we are getting hints that thunderstorms may try to develop as well. As such, we are raising rain totals to .25″-.75″ and taking coverage for the day to 80%. Rains can linger into Thursday as well. The concern here is thunderstorm development that could boost totals to well over an inch, but we are not going to make that kind of wholesale change to the forecast just yet. Still, there is no doubt that the midweek system is looking stronger next week, and therefore we are terming this forecast wetter. A look at potential is shown on the map at right.

No change to the extended period. We still have potential for rain around Saturday the 11th, but then dry for the 12th through the 15th. Long range models suggest a dramatic period of cooler weather at mid-month, but right now that looks over done. We will continue to monitor any movement of Canadian air masses closer to the 15th of April.

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