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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – March 25, 2020

Clouds and a bit of moisture is exiting the state this morning off to the east and south. We are on track to see slightly better weather today. However, this will be somewhat short lived, as a strong frontal complex continues to plow towards us. This system will arrive overnight tomorrow night and then keep us wet through the weekend.

Temps today climb a bit further, and we add a few more degrees tomorrow before the clouds thicken. Scattered showers develop after sunset tomorrow night, and likely closer to midnight. We see rain continuing all day Friday and Saturday, then leading to scattered showers tapering off on Sunday. At this point we are leaving the top end of our rain range alone at 2 inches, but we are raising our lower threshold to 1 inch…meaning we have expectations over the 3 day period (Thursday overnight through Sunday afternoon) of 1″-2″ with 100% coverage over Ohio. More moisture than we want, to be sure. The map at right shows an update of what we can look for.

We do dry down for a large chunk of next week. WE see sunny skies for Monday and Tuesday. We will be a little cool Monday, but much milder Tuesday. Then we are also dry for next Thursday and Friday, whit mild temps. That leaves next Wednesday as the lone question mark. There is a significant system and strong low pressure looking to track across the deep south next week…the low moving across TN from west to east the way it looks right now. However, the circulation is growing and expanding its footprint a bit, and that might be enough to through moisture up into OH. In addition, the low probably wants to kick northeast once it runs into the Appalachians, which also brings a threat of moisture to Ohio, wrapping around the top and backside of the low. So, for now we are going to insert at least the chance of showers for next Wednesday, with potential of .25″-.75″ and 60% coverage. This si a system we will continue to monitor. If we miss it…that is at least 5 days and perhaps 7 of dry weather for next week…which we need. But, it is too early to say we will in fact get hit by the system or miss…so we will keep the chance of moisture in front of us now, to at least temper expectations. Updates will be forthcoming! Have a great day.

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