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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – March 20, 2020

Rain will be exiting Ohio today, but will take its own sweet time. The heaviest moisture came overnight, but we will still see showers into midday and afternoon today, depending on where you are at. We see rain ending from NW to SE across Ohio. Additional rain totals today will run from .1″-.6″ with 90% coverage. Action may be done by late morning to midday in NW Ohio but likely take until closer to evening to be completely done in SE areas of the state. Once the moisture leaves, we see cold air coming quickly in across the area. We expect a chilly overnight period tonight.

Sunshine returns for all areas tomorrow, but we end up with below normal temps. Canadian high pressure centers right over the Great Lakes. Warmer air will return early next week. I fact, the return of that warmer air brings a minor threat of moisture overnight Sunday night, a few hundredths to no more than a tenth or two and coverage of 30%. That, along with the weekend cold air, will limit drying.

The forecast for the rest of next week is best described as “unsettled”. We have some dry days, but also a couple more minor precipitation threats: scattered light showers Tuesday overnight, and again Thursday late afternoon and evening. Both of those threats again bring a few hundredths to a tenth or two max, but limit drying potential. Sun is expected Monday, Wednesday and early Friday.

Late in the week, Friday night through Saturday, we have a well organized frontal boundary that is on the way. This system brings rain on a magnitude of .5″-2″ over 100% of Ohio. It starts late Friday night. The map at right shows a current look at the event. But Sunday we are drier with partly to mostly sunny skies, but we should also turn a bit colder.

If you are keeping track at home, that means we have 5 pushes of moisture in 10 days, including the action that is trying to leave today. And, whats more, they are spread pretty equally through the period. So, while we don’t see excessive, flooding type rains, we also don’t dry down very fast between now and April 1.

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