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Hailey Courts, Lucas Slone, Teddy Jenson, Mary Chesnut

Liberty Union FFA members compete at Fairfield County and District Public Speaking Competition

On February 5, 2019, Lucas Slone, Hailey Courts, Teddy Jenson, and Mary Chesnut of the Liberty Union FFA Chapter competed at the Fairfield County Public Speaking CDE Competition at the Liberty Union Middle School. This county contest holds four competitions: Creed, Beginning Prepared, Advanced Prepared, and Extemporaneous Speaking.  In the creed competition, first year agriculture education students memorize E.M. Tiffany’s FFA Creed, present it to the best of their ability, and answer questions based on the Creed. In the Beginning Prepared Speaking competition, members write and present a 5 to 7 minute long speech that they answer questions based on. In Advanced Prepared Speaking, members write and present a 6 to 8 minute speech and answer questions. In Extemporaneous Speaking, members pick a topic at random, research it for 30 minutes, and then present a 4 to 6 minute speech based off of it.

At the county competition, Teddy Jenson presented the creed, Mary Chesnut did Beginning Prepared on her speech “The Effects of Wasteful Packaging on the Environment”, Hailey Courts did Advanced Prepared on “The Effects of Buying Locally Grown Food“, and Lucas Slone did Extemporaneous Speaking. At this competition, Teddy placed 4th, Hailey and Lucas placed 2nd and Mary placed 1st. Lucas, Hailey, and Mary moved on to the district competition.

The District 7 Public Speaking Competition was held on February 12, hosted by the Amanda Clearcreek FFA Chapter. During this competition, members present their speeches once again and answer questions based on their topics. At this contest, Hailey placed 1st, Mary placed 2nd, and Lucas placed 3rd. Mary and Hailey will advance to the state competition on March 7 at Marysville High School.

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