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Had your auxin training yet?

By Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension agronomist

I recently sat through my training for the season. I was told it’s “all online” but I prefer in person. Everyone now who uses a dicamba product on soybeans must attend auxin training from one of the manufacturers; contact your seed dealer or herbicide supplier to see when yours is happening. If you missed it for the product you are using, that’s OK, you can attend any of the manufacturers’ training sessions to get the update. You can see the list of restrictions for Ohio and online training specifics on the OSU Pesticide Education website: https://pested.osu.edu/DicambaRestricitions.

The goal is not just to reduce herbicide movement but also to reduce resistance weed development. So how do we reduce the potential of resistance development?

  1. Use a pre-emergent herbicide,
  2. Spray post to small weeds; 4-inches or less,
  3. Allow no seed production. “Go rogue” to remove those seed heads.

I need to emphasize this last point — collect all weeds that were missed by the herbicide application and remove them from the field before harvest. Burning them is best. Some work from Illinois has shown that diligent efforts to remove the seed can greatly reduce the problem. And if you do not remove the seed, then the problem will get worse next year.

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