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Don Hawk, Skyline Turkey Farm in Knox County, received the Charles Boyles Master Shepherd Award from the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association (OSIA), the group’s highest honor for service to and excellence in the Ohio sheep industry, during the 2011 Buckeye Shepherd’s Symposium, Dec. 10 at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster. Pictured, from the left, are: OSIA Executive Director Roger High, Ohio Lamb and Wool Queen Meghan Bennett of Shelby County, Hawk, OSIA president Jim Percival, and wife Janet Hawk.

Ohio leaders on American Lamb Board

The American Lamb Board (ALB) elected FY2020 leadership at its meeting Jan. 22, held prior to the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) convention. The national board saw the retirement of one Ohioan, Jim Percival or Greene County, and the addition of another, Donald Hawk of Knox County.

The newly elected chair is Gwendolyn Kitzan, South Dakota. vice chair is David Quam, Texas. Elected for a second term as secretary is Greg Deakin, Illinois, and treasurer is Rob Rule, Iowa.


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