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Benjamin Logan AFNR students “soil your undies” soil test

The Benjamin Logan AFNR students participated in an odd but helpful soil test these past two months. The students each got a pair of white cotton underwear and they buried them around the Benjamin Logan land lab and field. The students left the underwear in the ground for two months. The object of this test is to see how healthy the soil is by seeing how much of the underwear are left. The less of the underwear that are left the healthier the soil. This is because of the microbial activity.
This past week the students dug up their underwear and were able to evaluate the health of the soil. The area by the creek had the most microbial activity. This project was found on modern farmer (https://modernfarmer.com/2018/07/soil-my-undies-challenge-has-farmers-burying-underwear-in-their-fields/). This is a good test that the students can do back at home on their own ground.

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