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Ohio wind legislation introduced

By Ellen Essman, Ohio Law Blog, Agricultural & Resource Law Program at The Ohio State University

Senate Bill 234 was just introduced on Nov. 6, 2019. The bill would give voters in the unincorporated areas of townships the power to have a referendum vote on certificates or amendments to economically significant and large wind farms issued by the Ohio Power and Siting Board.

The voters could approve or reject the certificate for a new wind farm or an amendment to an existing certificate by majority vote. The bill would also change minimum setback distances for wind farms might be measured.

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  1. This is great news for Ohioans. Polls show majority support for renewables but there remains stiff opposition from areas where it is not a good fit. Current policy uses state backed force to locate wind projects and that is causing a lot of consternation. By allowing for a local referendum wind projects will be steered toward the areas where they are welcome and kept away from areas where local citizens have other priorities for their community. It’s a win-win for Ohio.

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