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Temps vs. normal - midnight tonight.

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast November 12, 2019

Pretty simple outlook this morning. ITS COLD!! We still have lake effect snow that we have to deal with today over northern and northeast Ohio, while clouds will mix with sun elsewhere. Those lake effect snow areas can add another 1-6″ but those totals will be highly variable and highly localized, like lake snows usually are. We stay very cold today, and also tomorrow. However, we do see better sun potential tomorrow with no new precipitation.

Liquid equivalent precipitation today through next Thursday. All of this comes today, in the form of snow.

Temps start to moderate Thursday and Friday and by the weekend we are back closer to normal. Snow will melt quickly. Sunshine dominates through the period. Then we stay dry from the weekend through next Thursday. So, over the next 10 days, the only precipitation we have to worry about is what is around today…and that stays mostly near the lake.

Temps next week will be normal to above normal. Next week should promote good drying for any crops still left in the field. That’s it…a quick and simple look at the forecast, because there really isn’t much going on after today! Map below shows temps vs. normal at midnight tonight…very cold air in place.


Temps vs. normal – midnight tonight.

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