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Not quite yet harvest time Between the Rows

Lamar Liming

There is no harvesting yet right around here. The beans are getting a lot closer, but I don’t think anyone around here has gotten started yet harvesting corn or soybeans. You could tell the warm weather really sped up bean development and leaves coming off. It has been in the high 80s and I think we were at 88 yesterday.

I am hoping to start chopping silage this week. A lot of people have been chopping corn. I have heard anywhere from the mid to high 60s for moisture in the corn. To the south, they haven’t gotten much rain down there and they are a lot further along than I am right here.

When I get going, I can do the silage in 3 or 4 days. After that, I don’t have any beans close yet for harvest. I think I am at least 2 to 3 weeks off on having beans ready. I have a neighbor that, with another good week, he could be running beans. The corn has quite a ways to go. I went to the Farm Science Review and I couldn’t believe how much further along they were there.

I got some more third cutting hay off last week. Now I am done with hay for the year.

I have to get my corn and beans off before I can get wheat planted. I’ll chop my corn silage and put that to wheat and then if I can get my beans off in time I’ll plant some more wheat after that if I can. I don’t know if I can get my beans off in time to get wheat in. That is a big if.

The heat and humidity we’ve had definitely stresses the cows and it is holding back production some. They have maintained pretty well but it has been a stress on the cows with the warmer weather.

Andrew Armstrong

We have not started harvest yet. We were planning on starting to shell the 100 acres at the home farm on Saturday to get everything started. But then on Saturday we got an inch and a quarter of rain. It was a perfect rain, just about 3 weeks too late. Instead, we spent Saturday working on equipment. We went back over everything. It is still spitting a little rain right now. It has been a slow, steady nice rain.

We think we could maybe shell Tuesday afternoon if the rain stops. It was so dry that even after that inch-plus of rain, it was like it hadn’t even rained. We probably could have started yesterday. The ground was back to being dry pretty quickly.

The later plated stuff is getting close too. We were going to hit the earliest corn and then jump across the driveway to see what the moisture is there to see if we can keep moving south. It looks like it is ready.

There were some guys up north shelling corn 2 weeks ago. The yield wasn’t off the charts by any means, but the moisture was in the 20s and maybe down to 18%. There are some other guys running beans around here. It sounds like the yields have been pretty low, which was expected. The corn yields are not as bad, maybe average to slightly below average.

Hopefully we will be in the combine shelling somewhere in the next few days, but we have to be flexible with Mother Nature.


Dylan Baer

We are finally getting some sunshine after the rain moved through. We casually started sowing wheat on Friday the 20th. We got almost 100 acres in before we got rained out. It seems like we are keeping our pace with our weekly rainfall. We got almost 100 acres in before we had to stop. Today is our fly free date. I’ll be honest, though, we think the fly free date is an urban legend anyhow.

The conditions were nice and it planted really nice. We are planting into our soybean cover crop we planted at the end of July or first of August. The beans are over a foot tall and we are planting right through them. Our plan is to hurry up and get back in there with Roundup and Sharpen to kill the beans off and anything else in there before the wheat comes up. That is the narrow window we are in right now. We’ve got a couple of fields planted with more weeds than we’d like to see and we really want to get that sprayed. The other field is relatively clean and we don’t feel the pressure to get that sprayed. Eventually those beans will be frosted off and hopefully we’ll have a nice field of wheat coming. Whatever information we get from this experiment, we will hopefully never have to use again.

The corn and the beans still look good. We are feeling a little behind. We are closing in on the end of September and we have beans that are pretty green yet. There are just a few yellow leaves here and there. This time last year we were harvesting hard at it. This year we are not in our comfort zone that’s for sure. A week ago we didn’t have any yellow leaves. It was all green. The week of hot weather really brought the beans and corn along. We are definitely not running out of moisture, but we still have a long way to go. We were down at the Farm Science Review and we couldn’t believe how dry it was and how the crops looked down there.

We are still battling weeds. It has been a non-stop battle this year. Thy got so big and tall and they are so hard to control. We learned a lot of lessons. We need to be proactive in our spray program and make sure we stay on top of them.

Nathan Brown

I believe by Wednesday this week we will start harvesting some soybeans. The dry hot weather the last 14 days has really brought the crop along pretty fast, especially the soybeans. The early corn is finally getting close to black layer. We are still several weeks away from thinking about shelling corn, but I think we can get into soybeans this week. Further east on some of the gravel ground in Pickaway and Ross counties, some of those guys have started. Around here things are just not quite ready yet.

Most guys have pretty well finished up with hay. There are a few fields that may get cut one more time. There is still some sorghum-sudan to cut for baleage. The dry hay is pretty well wrapped up.

The cover crops we seeded in July are doing very well. The sunflowers are in full bloom so my wife is happy with how beautiful things look here on the farm. Last Thursday we flew about 400 acres of cover crop seed on. We were a little hesitant because of the dry weather and there wasn’t much rain in the forecast, but we have gotten several tenths of rain since then. I’m pretty excited we got those flown on and hopefully they have enough moisture to germinate.

We are planning on planting 60 acres of wheat. There are people talking about wheat, but unless you have some prevented planting acres, most people didn’t get any early beans planted. If there is wheat planted it will be later than normal so I think there may be some cutback on wheat acres.

We got our feeder calves all weaned and pastures are still holding up fairly well. We are excited to get some calves out on summer-planted cover crops this fall.

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