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Bash at the Barns

By Matt Reese

To celebrate a decade of success, the Ohio Youth Swine Committee blew off the barn doors last night at the 2019 Bash at the Barns.

“This is 10 years for the Ohio Youth Swine Committee in the swine barn to enhance the show for our children. We wanted to open up to the other exhibitors the blessings we have in this barn. We fed some of the dairy kids, some of lamb kids, and Bill Tom opened up the steer barn so we could bring in some acts,” said Michelle Kuhlwein with the Ohio Youth Swine Committee. “We wanted to show 4-H is about family and it doesn’t matter what barn you’re in. Kalmbach Feeds, Apex Clean Energy and Beck’s Hybrids helped make this possible, along with 10 other food sponsors. I hope everybody had a great night.”

The event featured the bands Jason Nutt & Highway 70 that performed their ode to showing livestock, “Purple Banners” and North to Nashville. Exhibitors from around the fair enjoyed the show.



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