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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, June 14, 2019

Dry today with full sunshine over the entire state. We may end up dealing with a few lingering showers this morning in far northeast Ohio, but they leave quickly. Today will be a “one-off”, as we return to a wet pattern tomorrow. Temps today will be warmer than yesterday by a long shot, but we will still be only normal to below normal over the state.


Rain develops overnight tonight, and then we see showers and even a few thunderstorms each of the next 3 days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday we can see combined rain totals from 1” on the bottom end of the range all the way up to 3.5 inches or more for the top end. The upper end of the range will come with thunderstorms, and at this point, we are not going rule thunderstorms out anywhere. We see rain coverage at 100% of the state for that 3 day period. This will just be way too much water.


If you want to spin our forecast positive, you can look at the fact that we have a little less moisture in the forecast from next Tuesday forward through next weekend.  However, after the big rains tomorrow through Monday, we need multiple days back to back to get things dried down, and we just don’t see that. For Tuesday, we are dry over most of the state, and a majority of areas outside of far south central Ohio will see a mix of clouds and sun. In far southern Ohio, we can still see scattered showers with .1”-.5” rain potential. We are dry statewide for next Wednesday, with partly sunny skies.


Thursday sees the return of showers, with rain totals from .05”-.5” across 70% of the state. Then we do go dry again for next Friday and Saturday with full sunshine. On Sunday the 23rd, we can start with sun, but look for clouds to increase, and there is a threat of rain later in the day and into Sunday night. The map at right shows 10 day rain potential.


For the extended period, we have a mix of clouds and sun on Monday the 24th with only a renegade shower in one or two spots. On Tuesday the 25th clouds increase, and we still look for showers overnight that night through Wednesday. We finish the extended period with sunshine returning for the 27th and 28th.


The forecast overall may have less moisture from Tuesday of this week forward. However, we do see showers moving in with only a couple of day days in between events at best. That means if we do pick up big rain totals here to start off this forecast window, it really puts us behind the 8 ball going forward, to dry down, especially with next Thursday being the 20th. Planting looks like it will be tough to accomplish in the days ahead.  Our forecast remains just too wet.

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