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Vendor’s license and sales tax requirements for Ohio farmers market vendors

By Peggy Kirk Hall, director of agricultural law, Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program

Farmers markets in Ohio continue to grow in number, and the types of vendors and products offered by those vendors have greatly diversified over the years. Along with this growth come new questions about vendor’s licenses and the collection of sales taxes.

Many market vendors may know that traditional market items like fresh fruits and vegetables do not require a vendor’s license or the collection of sales tax. But what about beverages, cottage foods, plants and flowers, ready to eat foods, soaps, crafts, and similar items that contribute to the success of today’s farmers markets? Fortunately, learning about Ohio’s vendor’s license and sales tax requirements doesn’t have to be a taxing experience.

In our fresh off the press law bulletin, titled “Vendor’s Licenses and Sales Taxes at Ohio Farmers Markets,” we dive into a number of questions that farmers market vendors frequently ask us. Specifically, we address questions such as:

Do vendors at a farmers market need a vendor’s license?
What items do not require the collection of sales tax?
What items do require the collection of sales tax?
How do I obtain a vendor’s license in Ohio?
Is a vendor’s license the same as a retail food establishment license?
What if I want to sell products in other states?
Can vendors include sales tax in the price of the product?
While this law bulletin covers vendor’s licenses and sales taxes fairly in depth, there is always more to learn. The law bulletin also provides a number of links to helpful resources from the Ohio Department of Taxation and neighboring states, along with a number of references to Ohio law.

Click HERE to view our latest law bulletin.

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