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Zach Profit, Nov. 26

We are about 76% done with corn harvest. Bean harvest is wrapped up. Dad went up into northeast Indiana and there are quite a few beans out. In Mercer County there is still quite a bit of corn out. In Van Wert County there is not much left. There is a random corn field here and there.

It is raining again. We got .2 out of that last rain this weekend and it looks like we are getting a similar rain now and we are very wet. Later this week it looks like they are calling for a little bit of a freeze and we are looking forward to that. If we get three good days of running we could finish. We have room to hold everything but we cannot get the weather to get it done. I don’t think we have had four days in a row of no precipitation since mid-October.

The only windows we had to work were in the dark. We have not run the combine in daylight in a month. All of the corn we have shelled has been third shift shelling. It has been a fight, but it’s not so bad. The traffic on the roads is not bad and you get to see the kids during the day.

When it is frozen everything works well. The last day we were out was the day before Thanksgiving. It just didn’t get cold enough and we were making too big of a mess. The combine was sliding around on the hillside. We are trying to get it out without making a huge mess. The worse case scenario would be a big windstorm.

On our biggest days we got almost 150 acres running all night and all day. Now we can only get an 80 here and a 40 there.

There has not been dip in the yields. The yields are still surprisingly good. Even on the hillside we were running it was still 200-bushel corn. We still have some pretty good-sized fields left but I think we’ll average out around 210. What we have left is standing very well. We just need to get the weather to get out there. It looks like we’ll get a window mid-week here and we could get most of what we have out before it gets soggy again.


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