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Glenn Harsh, Nov. 12

We’re coming along, but we’re not done with harvest yet. The wet weather has delayed the corn harvest considerably. Luckily with tracks we can get in without too much damage. Sometimes it is a matter of where you can get the trucks and safely load them.

We got 3.5 inches of rain about a week ago and we got 3.5 tenths on Thursday, which was enough to get it slimy on top and messy in the field. It was tough there for a while.

The cover crops have helped with flotation and they are growing and are taking up water. They certainly have helped to alleviate some of the problems. We have been grateful to be growing those. And, we have some structure to the soil. It is not just mush at the top 6 or 8 inches and hard under that, so that soil structure plays a big part.

We are at the exact same spot in harvest with soybeans we were at two weeks ago. We have a day and half of soybeans to go. It is spread out in several different small fields. We haven’t noticed any problems with the soybeans standing.

There are some corn fields that have gone down. If it is dry you can get under them pretty well. If it is wet they don’t want to go through so well. We only have one field that has significant patches of downed corn in it and I have it halfway off. I am just waiting for a dry day so I can get it to run through.

Corn quality looks good and yields are good. We ran some of our best fields first and our fields that are not as good are still 25 to 30 bushels above average and we are very pleased about that. We are moving on as fast as the weather will allow us.

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