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Dan Uetrecht, Nov. 12

We finished up last Thursday, Nov. 8 with the double-crops and put the combine away for the year. There are still quite a few beans out around here. It has been a struggle to get the crops in. To finish up on the double-crops we were running them at 16% or 17%. We put them in a corn bin with Stir-Ator. I’m glad we have done that because they are calling for more rain and snow.

I know two people who have over 1,000 acres of beans yet to go. Sometimes you have to just get out and do it. They ran well, they were just wet. We just have to keep them in condition and dry them down.

Since we finished up the first crop the only thing we have been able to do in the field was to finish up the double-crops. It has been too wet. The way the ground is right now, guys may still be running but it won’t be pretty.

We ran some stuff early and got some cover crops in. We had some really warm weather and this year the cover crops really benefitted. I think it is too wet and cold now and I think the time for planting cover crops is over.

The wheat looks really good. Last year we kind of mudded it in and it never got a good start. It didn’t yield very well. This year we got a good start and it came up fast and is looking healthy.

We had some forward contracts that will be pretty good. I think there will be opportunities in corn. I’ve already started selling $4 Dec new crop for next year. I think we have got to take advantage of that. There may be some bullish news for the corn. I have lowered my price that I’ll start selling at for beans. They are going to be tough. The last couple of years have been heavy beans and I think we’ll be heavy on corn next year if we have any kind of good planting weather in the spring.

It has been a good year, but we had some trying moments, some tough things and we learned a lot.

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