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Between the Rows crops still in the field

AJ Baltes, Mahoning Co.

We ran all day on Thanksgiving and part of the day Friday until the ground thawed out. Some guys ran all day Friday. We are trying out a draper head to finish the beans this year. It helped us get a lot more done.

The later beans actually started yielding better. We had one field do about 60, which is up about 10 bushels over the really late planted stuff we had. The beans we took off were at 20% moisture. We got another 130 acres of beans off and we have 30 more acres of beans and a little over 200 more acres of corn to go. The more I drive around the more crops out I still see.

We have taken corn off in January before and as long as it keeps standing we don’t worry about it. It looks like maybe the middle of the week we can run again and get the beans finished and maybe start on some corn and get the drying bins filled up again. All of our corn seems to be standing well so far but I have seen some corn going down.

It seems like there is less corn still out around here. I think when it was muddy guys figured it was easier to get corn out than the beans. Hopefully we can get a couple of days that are good and frozen so we can get some more work done.

A lot of the wheat is not out of the ground yet. I don’t know if we’ll get anything out of it or not. We’ll wait and see. Some of the fields that don’t have tile in them have water laying in them. The ground is completely saturated now I think.

I don’t think it’s going to dry out so we just have to wait on frozen ground now. Tuesday through Thursday it is supposed to be cold.

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