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A rut of a different nature this fall

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

Right about this time of year, my social media feed begins to go from farmers cheering the end of harvest directly to pictures taken from the tree stand right before they fell asleep as “The Big One” passed by.

This year has been an exception though as harvest drags on and, from what I am gathering on Facebook, the only rutting going on is in some very soggy corn and soybean fields and mud slinging is lasting well past election season!

They say misery loves company, so I asked some of my social media buddies if I could share their 2018 harvest woes. As you will see, if you are one of the farmers that got caught playing in the mud you are in good company.

These troubles aren’t just being seen in Ohio. John Kingery from Iowa posted this video to his Facebook page.

And Beer Money Pulling Team had to use some extra help to get silage out in time!

Stay safe and if you want to join in the fun (even anonymously), you can email me at Ty@OhioAgNet.com and send me your “stuck” pictures to add to the collection. Don’t forget, if farming was easy, everyone would do it.

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