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Zach Profit, Oct. 5

I’d say the majority of guys in Van Wert are close to half done with soybeans and maybe 5% to 10% of their corn harvested. So far for our corn there have been no quality issues. The test weight has been 58 to 61 pounds and moisture was about 20.5% the last time we ran. Every day that goes by drying corn gets a little cheaper. Hopefully we can be harvesting dry corn and putting it right in the bin.

In soybeans, on the other hand, we have seen quality issues here and there — nothing that hasn’t been accepted but definitely not as good as last year. The soybean has a tarnished, brownish look. It is not in every field, though. We pretty much apply everything to our soybeans — fungicide, insecticide. After doing some research, it looks like stink bug damage. It is mind-blowing to me that it could be that because we applied insecticide but that is what it looks like. I wouldn’t leave beans in the bin for too long this year.

I still think our corn is going to be knocking on the door of 200. It may not the best corn year we ever had or even better than last year, but it is excellent. The early corn hybrids definitely got hurt by the end of July heat and dryness. Later hybrids appear to be very good.

On the soybean side it is rocking and rolling — unbelievable. We just harvested a 100-acre field that made an over 82-bushel average. I could barely keep up hauling it. It felt like we were hauling corn. I think in Van Wert County there will be 70 to the low-80 bushel range soybeans. The 30-inch beans we tried were about 10 bushels less than everything else. It was something we wanted to try and we probably won’t do it again.

Our strip-tiller should be done today. We went out and played with it the other day and it seems like it will work and we’ll get started with that strip-tillage the next time it dries out. It is raining right now and we are hoping we don’t get much more.

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