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Zach Profit, Oct. 29

We’re wet and the forecast is calling for more rain this week.

We are done with beans. We finished last Wednesday and we are not quite halfway on corn yet. We had one hybrid go down on us after some pretty good wind came through a week or so ago. We have been spending some extra time trying to get that picked up. Other than that, corn harvest has been going well and there is quite a bit out there.

I think for most guys in this area, this is the best bean crop they have ever had. Even on our marginal ground we had great yields. Quality was pretty good. Early on everyone was worried about quality but it really was not widespread. I don’t think quality problems were a big issue in this area. The biggest problem has been keeping up with the combine. It was a phenomenal bean year.

We fought moisture in the beans trying to get them dried down. We only had 2 or 3 days where we started at 9 a.m. and we unloaded a lot of beans in the dark. We had to take advantage of the windows we had. On the lower end of yields we saw yields around 66 or 68 and we had fields go 85 or 86 bushels. I think you’ll want to keep an eye on the beans in storage with the amount of wet beans that are in bins, but overall we are pretty pleased.

I cannot believe how quickly this crop has gone away. It has been moved much more quickly than I anticipated. You have to really hunt around here to find a soybean field that hasn’t been harvested. Some lines were bad but we have worked through it. It has not been as big of an issue as I thought it would be. We have guys around here that are done with harvest and have been for a week or more.

Corn yields are better than last year and really good. I think we’ll end up around 210 for an average, maybe just a fuzz higher. I have seen some things that made me question that, but then I have also seen some really amazing yields. We took a couple of loads straight out of the field to the elevator and they were 59- to 61-pound test weight and dry. The grain quality has been pretty good. I haven’t heard any talk of vomitoxin. Hopefully Mother Nature gives us another window here to get a bunch more corn off.

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