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Ohio corn, soybean and wheat farmers reinforce commitment to water quality

With the conclusion of the 2018 harmful algal bloom season, the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) and the Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) today reasserted their commitment to addressing water quality for the long haul. Lake Erie experienced a significantly milder summer in terms of algal blooms than recent summers – and notably less than the level of harmful algae that was predicted by scientific forecasters. Ohio grain farmers are nevertheless more determined than ever to protect Ohio’s waterways through best management practices.

“While we are grateful for an improved summer for fishing, boating, swimming and recreation, we know we must continue to do all we can to keep nutrients on our fields and out of the water,” said OCWGA Board President Jed Bower. “Investing in best management practices is crucial not just for today, but for future generations.”

“This was a good summer, but our goals are bigger than one good summer,” said OSA President Allen Armstrong. “We will keep doing our part for clean water by investing in research and following the science.”

Research and education funded by Ohio’s corn, soybean and wheat farmers include the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program, edge-of-field water quality testing and updating the Tri-State Fertility Guide.

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