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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, October 3, 2018

Dry weather today. But, we are on the cusp of a significantly wetter weather pattern compared to what we have seen recently. The southern half of the state will be drier than the north, but we could see harvest effectively come to a longer term stop after today in parts of the state for at least 10 days. If you are in the field today, go as long as you can as hard as you can on harvest. Yesterday’s precipitation makes it difficult and more of a location by location kind of set up.


Rains move into the state tomorrow. Rains tomorrow will be from .1”-.75” with coverage at 80% of the state, and then rains Friday will be from a few hundredths to a tenth or two with 30% coverage. There is no change in our outlook for these two days this morning.


Unfortunately, we are putting rain in our forecast on Saturday, but holding its arrival off until late afternoon and evening. A slight positive will be that we are only looking for those rains over parts of the state, mostly from I-70 northward. South of I-70, there is no rain threat Saturday night. We will put rain totals at half an inch or less in the northern half of the state, with coverage at 70%. All action should be winding down by shortly after midnight.


Dry for the balance of the weekend and the first part of next week, Sunday through Tuesday, statewide. We should see good dry down as temps stay normal to above normal, but we don’t think the drying can overcome the likely rain totals we see combined before we get there, at least over the northern half of the state. If we do dry down, it will take into at least Monday afternoon to get things right in the wettest areas.


A very wet period kicks off Wednesday of next week. We can see rains 4 days straight from Wednesday through next Saturday. The heaviest rains come Thursday and Saturday but combined we can see half to 2.5” with coverage at 100% of the state. This will shut harvest down for a bit longer. Temps also drop behind that system, moving to normal and below normal levels. The map at right shows rain totals through the coming 10 days, ending with next Saturday.


The rest of the extended period goes drier, as Canadian high pressure settles in over most of the corn belt. We should be dry from next Sunday on through the following Thursday, at least a 5-day dry stretch. But, it will be needed after all the rain the second half of next week, and with cooler temps, we likely take longer to dry down and evaporate that moisture too.

So, as we said at the start…go as hard as you can today, if you can after yesterday’s moisture. Opportunities for fieldwork become tougher to find after today.

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