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Dan Uetrecht, Oct. 5

We’ve missed most of the rains here the last couple of days. It is not bean running weather but the weather is cooperating for corn and we are supposed to get temperatures in the mid-80s in the next week. Corn has been down around 17% moisture or so. When we get some sun we finally have beans ready to go.

I am planting wheat now and the ground is in really good shape. Last year I got it in late and this year I think it will get a good start. I should finish it up today. The price is good so we are going to try and get as much wheat in as we can.

The big concern right now in our area is grain quality. The first field of beans I ran last week was 75 or 76 bushels and the second field was almost as good. I moved into another variety and it looked like I had nightshade in my bin. I would say 20% or 25% of my beans from that variety were shriveled, discolored and kind of rotten. I have never seen that before.

After making some phone calls I found a lot of guys had this issue. It is one of three things: frogeye can cause those problems, stink bugs have penetrated the pod and let water in, or in certain varieties when we got a good bit of rain in early September, the bean expanded and cracked the pod allowing water to get in. I don’t know. In the same field I went from mid-70s to mid-50s because of that. That has always been one of my better varieties in the past and that field was not sprayed with fungicide. It will be interesting to see if the fungicide helped in the fields where I sprayed. It is a big deal and the discounts are hateful. One of the elevators said they were not taking any beans over 10% damage. I’m afraid more moisture will worsen the problem.

My corn is standing well and the quality has all been good. I think this will be the best corn crop I’ve ever raised. For the first time, I no-tilled corn into oats, radishes and clover cover crops this spring that I’d gotten in early the fall before. It worked really well. We got an inch and a half rain and a lot of guys couldn’t go but I could get into that field because of those cover crops and no-till.

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