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Dan Uetrecht, Oct. 29

We started planting wheat Oct. 1 and 2 and got 140 acres planted and we planted another 15 acres on Oct. 8. The first wheat got all of that heat and I think it was up in 4 days. The wheat planted later hit that cold spell but it is up and looking good. It is off to a good start.

We finished the corn and first-crop soybeans last Thursday the 25th. That was a great feeling. There is no bigger satisfaction you have than getting the crop in the bin. We still have about 120 acres of double-crops to do and I have some to do for a neighbor.

This will be the best corn crop I’ve ever raised. Corn quality was great. The beans were a little disappointing and it’s my fault. The first 100 acres we planted looked phenomenal. They had frogeye but they looked good and they were far enough along that I chose not to spray. I harvested that 100 acres and they went 50 bushels and had some quality issues. We moved down to another field with the same variety planted a day later and they went 77 bushels with a fungicide sprayed on them. Thankfully we sprayed 75% of our beans. If there is frogeye pressure in the future, I am spraying. It cost me in yield and in grain quality. I have never seen anything like that. There were still some quality issues even where I sprayed.

With corn, yields were up in the 240 or 250 range. For the soybeans, I had that field go 77, and I had some in the 60s on down to the low 50s.

We got .6-inch of rain this weekend and I think guys will be in the field today or tomorrow because we are supposed to get heavy rains later in the week. I am hoping we can run at my neighbor’s while we wait for the double-crops to get ready.

I am so thankful we have storage. In a year like this, storage is going to be critical. We tend to be price takers and this year if you are going to be able to take advantage of basis and do some marketing things you have to be able to store it.

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