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AJ Baltes, Oct. 5

We haven’t started yet. A lot of guys haven’t started harvest yet up here. I heard some have started corn before beans. We haven’t really had any good drying days to run beans so far. It got close to the 80s a couple of days but it has been cloudy and humid so the beans don’t want to dry down. We got about a quarter inch of rain yesterday so it will be at least a day or two more before we can start.

Most of the beans have been standing pretty well. Once the leaves came off of them they stood back up. There has been some corn going over but nothing widespread. There is some ear rot and sprout in the corn in some fields and hopefully we can get going on it before it gets ahead of us. I haven’t heard about any bad test weight or anything, though. It has been awhile since we have seen that problem with sprouting corn. It has only been in small areas.

It looks like in the 10-day forecast there is a chance of rain every day. They are saying it will be in the 80s again next week. Hay is getting wrapped up. There is still a lot of sudangrass out that guys want to chop if it dries out. There is still some corn chopping going on too.

We are hoping to get wheat planted if we can get the beans off. Our fly free date was Sept. 25. We can usually plant wheat until around Oct. 20 which is the insurance date. We contracted everything for wheat for next year already and we need to get about 150 acres planted this fall if we can.

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