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Zach Profit, Sept. 10

We got spared. We got about an inch and a half, so it was not bad. It looks like there are quite a few more hurricanes off of the East Coast that might swing up this way. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I feel like we were lucky we didn’t get more rain. The rain may have knocked some more leaves off the beans.

In Van Wert County there was one operation that grows early corn that started running. That is all that I know of. We were hoping that by the end of this week we could try it. We are definitely going to be ready to go soon.

We can’t handle much more rain or it will get nasty. I have been scared all year that we are going to have a wet fall and it looks like it could be possible. In my short career, we have never had a really wet fall. I have heard stories but I’ve never experienced one and it seems like we may be due. I sure hope not. And I really don’t want wind. I know a lot of the local agronomists are harping on getting out and checking on stalk quality to get fields off earlier than normal. I know the popcorn guys definitely do not want wind. They may have a 6,000- or 8,000-pound crop out there but the fields look like that if you go out there and blow on them they might fall over.

I have not seen much in the way of any ear rots. I am hoping we don’t have a vomitoxin issue and I think we had the right weather to get passed that and I don’t think ear rots will be any more of an issue than normal. In walking fields I haven’t seen much.

We think we will have a sizeable amount of corn off before we run any soybeans. It may be the last couple days of September before we think about switching to beans. Last Friday some of our drier corn was down around 25% moisture. If we can get that down to 20% or 21% we’ll probably rip into it. We can handle that pretty well and with the warmer air outside it doesn’t cost much to dry it.

Local basis on soybeans and drop charges are starting to get wild. Guys without storage could be in for an interesting fall. One place locally has a 40-cent drop charge. A local elevator told us there won’t be any free lunches this year. They are tight on storage already and they know there’s a big crop out there.


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