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The grounds are still a little soggy from the weekend rains at the Wayne County Fair.

Wayne County Fair moving forward as planned

By Dale Minyo and Matt Reese

Not long after the rains began on Saturday of the Wayne County Fair and the forecast showed no sign of it letting up, the Wayne County Fair Board had to make a difficult call to evacuate some of the livestock from the grounds ahead of possible flooding.

On Sept. 8, as the rains started to get heavier, instructions were given to those with livestock exhibits at the Wayne County Fair about moving them off of the grounds as soon as possible. This included transporting the swine projects to the Richland County Fairgrounds.

“We did move our hogs to the Richland County Fair as a precaution. If it would have gotten bad enough, there is potential that the hogs would have gotten left behind with the other livestock because they would have forced the evacuation of the people from the grounds. We had many offers from surrounding county fair for us to use facilities or any help we needed. It worked best for us to move the swine to the Richland County Fair. They are today holding part of the show. They are live streaming for those who can’t  get over and would like to watch,” said Mike Kinney, president of the Wayne County Fair Board. “We had the steer show Saturday like normal and then after the show we were allowed room over at the Creston Livestock facility to move the steers to be held until Thursday when they will be sold. We will move them from there after they are sold. Everything else pretty much stayed.”

From here on out, other than those changes, the Wayne County Fair will move on as planned.

“We had to cancel some events with the wet parking but other than that everything else is pretty normal,” Kinney said. “We don’t foresee any more cancellations from here on out. Some of the parking is still closed off but we’ll open that up to the public as soon as it makes sense.”

To stay up-to-date on the Wayne County Fair, follow them on Facebook or visit waynecountyfairohio.com.

Dale Minyo visited with Mike Kinney, President of the Wayne County Fair Board

Doug Fox had an update on the Jr. Fair activities in Wayne County


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