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Rains soak the state while harvest draws near

Dan Uetrecht, Warren Co.

We fared pretty well. We got a little over 2 inches. A lot of the Cincinnati area and north and south of us had 3 to 5 inches. We didn’t flood. It rained over two-and-a-half days and we fared better than most. South of us is pretty flat and they got 5 to 6 inches and that is a lot of water to deal with right before harvest.

I have not heard of anyone around here running anything. I think we are going to start with corn first. It is turning fast and with the disease pressure we’ve got and the heat units we’ve had, I’d say in the next 7 to 10 days we’ll be running corn. Right now everything is holding up pretty well. We didn’t get much wind with the rain and I haven’t seen any stalk issues yet.

When we get this much rain and the ears are still upright, it can be a perfect storm for grain quality. I am more concerned with the corn than I am about the beans. I have not seen as much bean leaf beetle feeding as I thought I would see.

We got the third cutting hay in. I was happy with that, but with the delay in the third cutting we won’t get a fourth cutting this year. I like to typically get a fourth cutting if I can but we won’t this year.

The cover crops we planted after wheat look great. We have radishes and clover that, by winter, should be huge. We’ll plant more right behind the combine in the corn and bean fields.

Farmers hopefully have storage because the basis is so bad. Hopefully guys have stuff sold ahead and they can store it. We are going to have to sit on things with all of this political chatter going on. Hopefully we can get some of this sold at profitable levels in late winter or spring.

Normally down this way we have a strong basis down at the river with ethanol and corn syrup. Soybean basis I think is 60 under and, for a river market, I have never seen the basis this bad. When you stick that on an $8.20 to $8.30 futures market that is below what we need.

The markets are bad, but farmers always get excited over a big crop and I am excited to see what this season brought us.

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